Keeping My Hair Soft With SILK18

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Recently I tried the SILK18 shampoo by Maple Holistics. You probably are aware, if you've been reading my blog for sometime, that I love anything all natural and/or holistic. So, when I was contacted by Maple Holistics I was eager to try out this product!

My hair is very dry. It comes from coloring and styling it without really giving it a breather, it's over processed and basically fed up with me :) When I learned that this shampoo was infused with 18 silk amino acids and contained argan and jojoba oils I knew this was something my hair needed!

So, I put it to the test! The first thing I noticed was the easy open lid. It's a flip lid, not a twist, so it was much easier to use in the shower. I can't tell you how many times I have dropped a bottle on my foot trying to open a twist lid in the shower! 

I was surprised with how a little goes a long way with this stuff! Making it even better to save money on much  needed quality products that actually help our hair! There's no overbearing smell, nothing unpleasant and it left my hair feeling super clean.

After using this a few times, I noticed my hair seemed to have more shine to it and less flyaways. My hair felt softer and was easier to manage. 

I would recommend this product to anybody looking to change the health of their hair! Also be sure to check out Maple Holistics for all of their great products!

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