Miami Vacation: 4 Essential Things To See And Do

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If you’re deciding where to go on vacation this summer, you should consider Miami as one of your
options. With its reputation for beautiful beaches, great nightlife, an abundance of museums, attractions,
and venues to visit, you will always be entertained. With there being something to satisfy all ages and
groups of people; be it friends, families, or couples looking for a getaway, each individual is spoilt for
choice. If you’re stuck where to begin to plan your travels and what to see and do, here are a few ideas
to get you started.

Miami Seaquarium

One of Miamis renowned and favorite tourist attractions is the Seaquarium. You can awe at the penguins
and sea turtles or take a seat and watch one of the incredible marine shows featuring dolphins and Sea
Lions! This is the perfect setting for entertainment to suit families. And the fun doesn't stop there, with
the opportunity to take a paddle in the Dolphin Harbour you can swim amongst dolphins! At the
Seaquarium you will have the chance to make memories to treasure forever.


Why not familiarize yourself with the area by hiring your very own boat. With boat rental Miami fit to suit
all budgets, requirements, and activities, it’s an attainable activity that won’t break the bank. Here all the
things you can get up to while hiring your very own boat and captain in Miami.

  • Sail on the cusp of Miami sightseeing
  • Hire a boat with its very own BBQ to enjoy some grub onboard as you take in the view
  • Pick a captain to take you on some historical tours
  • Park the boat somewhere picturesque and peaceful to go fishing

You should book a boat for your trip to Miami, whether to entertain the kids, impress your other half, or
have a little on sea party with friends.

South Beach

If you’ve glanced at what Miami has to offer already, you’ll probably at some point or another have heard
talk of South Beach being the attraction spot for all things glamorous. This is the spot where everything's
happening, from celebrity chef-run restaurants to pumping nightlife, it's an excellent place for friends and
couples to dine and dance.

The Vizcaya Museum And Gardens

Initially erected in 1916 to provide a winter retreat to visitors, this villa was built with the Italian
Renaissance in mind, and now luckily for us, the home, and formal gardens are open to the public for
viewing. There is a fabulous guided tour of the mansion where you can linger and absorb the fine decor
and furnishings each room has to offer. So if luxury culture and history are what interests you, a trip to
The Vizcaya is for you.

Explore beyond the four options above to fill your schedule with all that Miami has to offer. Such as, plan
to take a trip to Ocean Drive for the day, dedicate a spending spree at the Lincoln Road Mall or take a
dive in the tropical Venetian Pool. There is plenty to see and do, so start booking and planning your stay.

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