The Only Decluttering Advice You’ll Ever Need

Clutter makes a home look messy. It makes it harder to clean and research has shown that it is not good
for your mental health. You will feel better in a clean and tidy home, and now is the time to start

Forget the excuses. Forget saving things because they might be useful one day. These are reasons that
are stopping you from moving forward to a healthier and happier home. You may be surprised by the
difference getting rid of clutter makes, so stop delaying and get started right now.

Try The 12-Month Test

Start by going through your cupboards and closets and find things that have not been worn or
used for 12 months or more. If they have sat hidden away for so long you really have to ask yourself if
you need to keep them. The clothes that no longer fit could be sent to a charity shop and could benefit
someone else. In fact, you should have two trash bags with you. One should be for things that can be
passed on and the other for things that need to be thrown away.

You may be surprised by just how much rubbish you have accumulated and shoved out of sight at some
point. In fact, you could have so much trash that you need to consider the
suppliers offering the best price on skip hire. A skip will be so much simpler to put the rubbish in and the
alternative could be quite a few trips to a landfill site.

Go From Room To Room

By decluttering your cupboards and closets first, you will have created much space inside them. Now
you can go from room to room and take a look at everything that is sitting about. Can it be put away?
Should it go to the charity shop or in the skip that is sitting outside your home?

In will be amazing how much work surface you suddenly find you have spare in your kitchen, how much
larger your bathroom looks and how your bedroom is more inviting.  
Your home will feel as though it has been given a new lease of life and will feel better to be in, just for the
sake of getting rid of the things that are no longer needed.

Keep It That Way

Once you have put so much effort into decluttering your home, you need to educate yourself and your
family to keep it that way. Clutter builds very quickly but it can be avoided. After meals, encourage
everyone to put their plates and cutlery in the dishwasher rather than leaving it lying about. When they
change their clothes they should put the ones they have removed back into their closet or in the laundry
basket ready for washing.

Don’t keep magazines and newspapers for months, and have somewhere to keep the mail until you
have time to open it. These things take no more than a minute or two but can go a long way to keeping
your home free from clutter.

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