How To Take An Off-The-Grid Vacation

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Over the last few years, the idea of living off the grid has become quite a popular one. With romantic
notions of being completely self-sufficient, it’s understandable that people like the idea of living this way.
Living like this isn’t easy, though. Most people will have never tried it, and won’t know what they have to
do to make it work. Instead, to give yourself a taste of this life, without having to commit to it, this post
will be showing you how to take an off the grid vacation. This can work practically anywhere around the
world, as long as you’re able to find the right resources while you’re there.

Transport & Accommodation

The very first part of this to think about will be your transport and accommodation. Bikes, cars, and all
sorts of other transport methods can work for this, as long as it is something which you can use on your
own. The transport you choose should be based on the sort of trip you’d like to take, with cars being
great for longer distances, and bikes offering the perfect solution for those who only have a short way to
travel. You can hire these vehicles from just about any city around the world.

While using a bike or a car will give you a lot of freedom, they don’t offer much in the way of
accommodation, with tents being the last thing most people want to use when they’re trying to have a
relaxing time. RVs can solve this issue for you, giving you a place to stay which can also be used as
your mode of transport. You can find affordable examples of these vehicles across the web, with second
hand ones often selling for less than the cost of a fancy hotel. An RV will give you the power to remain
completely off the grid.

Food & Water

Being self-sufficient with your food and water will be a bit of a challenge when you’re on vacation,
unfortunately. Unless you have a source to rely on a tap or bottled water for the duration of your stay.
This isn’t so bad, and using water from a bottle can still be considered off the grid, as you won’t be using
the local water supply to fulfil this requirement.

Food will also take some creativity, though making your own meals is plenty to qualify as being off the
grid. Of course, if you already grow your own food at home, you can harvest some of this to take with
you on your vacation. Most people rely on restaurants when they are on a break like this. While this will
make life easier, it will force you to rely on the local area to provide for you, and most people won’t like
this when they’re trying to take this approach.

Fuel, Gas, & Electricity

Keeping your RV powered up is another issue which you’ll have to face on this journey. Fuels like petrol
and diesel can be stored for a surprisingly long time, and this means that you can stock up on these
resources before you set off. It’s important to store these fuels in the right sort of container, as using
inadequate ones will risk spillages, and most gas stations will only let you fill the correct ones on their

Gas is also crucial to your time away, with most RVs relying on the stuff to fuel their heating and cooking
facilities. Thankfully, you can get your hands on very large canisters of gas from most hardware stores.
You will only rent the tank, and will have to bring it back when you’re done, but this will only make the
whole thing cheaper. It’s worth checking to see which type of gas your RV is designed to work with.

As the last resource you’ll need to think about, it’s time to consider electricity. A lot of RVs will generate
their own power as they are driving, but this often isn’t enough for a whole vacation, and this means that
you’ll need to look for other options. Portable generators can solve this issue for you, giving you the
power to generate electricity using the same fuel you’d use with the RV itself.

Plots & Sites

One of the few challenges which comes with an RV is finding somewhere to park it. Most business
owners will kick you off of their property if you try to use it for this, and finding land which is free to use is
also unlikely. Instead, you’ll need to look for campsites. Thankfully, these sorts of places are found
across the world, with plots being very affordable. It’s always worth reading reviews before you choose
your campsite, as they all vary quite dramatically. Some offer benefits like pools and beaches, while
others will have less for you to do, but will be a lot cheaper as a result.

Living off the grid is a challenge which a lot of people are setting themselves. It takes a lot of work,
investment, and time to build your life around something like this, though, and this makes it a risk to
jump in without trying it first. You time spent on vacation is the perfect opportunity to do this. Of course,
in normal life, it’s unlikely that you’ll move into an RV to gain self-sufficiency, but a lot of the challenges
you find will be the same. As time goes on, it’s getting easier and easier to live a lifestyle like this.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling inspired to get started on your own off the grid vacation.
Taking this approach doesn’t limit the places which you can visit, instead opening the doors to a much
more varied vacation. If you decide you’d like to travel to the other side of the country you’ll have the
opportunity, and this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the freedom you can give yourself by
taking this approach.

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