SummerSox, The Easy Fix For Summer Heels!

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It's that time of year again, where we want to wear our cute heels for summer and all those summer weddings. Let's face it though, they aren't exactly comfortable! Why can't we love the way our shoes look AND feel? What if I told you it's possible? YES it is :)

SummerSox are flat socks that fit into your shoes to provide extra comfort for your feet, all the while protecting your shoes from the oils in your skin. Ever wear your shoes without socks and notice after you took them off that the insides looked a little dingy? Well, SummerSox not only provides you all day comfort but protects the insides of your shoes from your feet (sweating, oils, friction etc) which are all things that can lessen the condition of your shoes.

These are an absolute must for all you fellow shoe lovers out there. It's literally an investment in your feet and shoes! Not only that, but they are washable and re-usable. Making this product even more amazing!

They stay in place and don't slide around at all! And nobody even knows you're wearing them :)

Here's my "Peep Toe Heels" by Jessica Simpson. I wanted to make sure my feet were comfortable as I was going to be wearing them a while, but I also wanted to protect my shoes from any damage from being in them all day and sweating etc. (I know gross right?) You can't even tell I'm wearing them, and they are super soft and comfortable!

You would never know I was actually comfortable in these!

I can't say enough about this great product. Actually, yes I can! Right now they are having a sale, if you buy three you get the fourth pair FREE and FREE SHIPPING!

Be sure to check out SummerSox on Facebook and keep up to date on all their latest. 

Do you have any pet peeves with those cute heels that you think this product would solve for you? I couldn't be happier with these!

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