Transforming Your Outdoor Space For The Summer

As the warmest months of the year come about, being able to enjoy the outdoor space that you
have is important. There are a few things therefore that you can do to transform your outdoor
space for the summer.

Install A Water Feature
When it comes to adding a showstopper, a water feature will make any outdoor space look impressive and they don’t have to cost a fortune. Perhaps you like the idea of a small water
fountain in the corner or even go the whole way and install a pond. Make sure you have the right
skills to do it yourself and if you don’t then make sure you get the professionals in, instead of
trying yourself. If you need some inspiration for water features in general, then is a good place to start.

Replant Dead Plants
So you might not be the most adventurous or attentive when it comes to planting flowers or
looking after plants in your outdoor space. But that’s ok because most are cheap to just replace.
Dead plants don’t look appealing, and so they can affect the appearance of your garden. Replant
any that have sadly gone to plant heaven and if you don’t spend a lot of time gardening, then find
plants that will last and don’t need a considerable amount of water or care on a daily basis. Make
sure you also think about planting flowers in relation to where your garden gets the most
sunlight and avoid shaded areas that get nothing all day.

Add Textures
Adding textures to your outdoor space is going to give it more depth, rather than just completely
covering the entire space with grass. So opt for a variety of different materials, whether you go
for marble or stone tiling or separate areas with small stones or bark. The outdoor space is a
chance for you to experiment and to see what works the best for you. Decking is also a great
option for adding another level to the space.

New Garden Furniture
If you have nowhere to sit in your outdoor space then that will already make you not want to go
outdoors and enjoy your space. Outdoor furniture has become a lot more popular and now
extends further than just the humble wooden bench. You can now get five, six seater sofas that
are waterproof and make for a great social space, perhaps where you can chuck in a fire pit in
the middle to keep everyone warm in the cooler evenings. There are also swings that look very
inviting when placed under trees and you might want to elevate some of your plants and flowers
by bedding them into a piece of garden furniture like a decorative wheelbarrow as an example.

As summer rolls around, many of us will be slapping on the suntan lotion and tanning
ourselves, relaxing in our gardens. And you can do the same if you give your outdoor space
that little bit more attention.

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