7 Ways To Cut Costs While Owning A Dog

Adopting a dog can certainly be rewarding. The trouble is, while your furry friend might pay you in
unconditional love and endless kisses, the role of a pet parent can hit your wallet hard. Even the
smallest of expenses tend to pile up at an alarming rate, especially when you don’t plan ahead or shop
around for the best deals. Many people are so surprised by these high costs, in fact, that they have to
give up the new additions to their families. You don’t want to have to do the same thing. With that in
mind, here are seven ways to cut costs while owning a dog.

1. Visit The Charity Shop
All dogs must have toys, bowls, bedding, and other necessities. However, they don’t necessarily need
expensive ones. Instead of purchasing these items brand new, you should head to a local charity shop
or yard sale. Most places also have communities on social media where you can buy things cheaply and
sometimes even for free. As long as you wash these necessities before giving them to your furry friend,
they’re not going to be able to tell the difference or object.

2. Buy Food In Bulk
Dogs eat a lot of food. Thankfully, you can usually save money on this necessity the more of it you buy.
As a general rule, the larger the bag, the less it costs per kilo. If you have the space to store it, therefore,
you should opt for the very biggest one that you can find. However, you should look out for special
offers, as these can sometimes make the smaller packs of food cheaper. To cut the costs further, use a
price comparison site to find the best deal for the brand you buy.

3. Go To The Vets
While it can be tempting to put off a vet trip to save some cash, early detection and treatment of any
medical issue will save you money in the long run. Because of this, you must schedule regular
appointments for your furry friend and seek help if you ever suspect them to be unwell. Choosing an
affordable vet, like The Pet Vet, can save you even more money. It’s especially important that you get
your pet vaccinated and keep their jabs up to date.

4. Invest In Pet Insurance
Although going to the vet is cheaper than letting your pet get sick, it does still get pretty expensive at
times. If you know you would have trouble paying the bills if your dog had an accident or illness, you
should consider investing in pet insurance. Just remember that the cheapest policies aren’t necessarily
the best. You should definitely shop around to find a good deal, but you must read the fine print too. You
don’t want to sacrifice cover just to save a few pennies each month.

5. Look Online For Medications
Some of the medication most people typically buy from the vet can be ordered online. When you do
so, you can usually cut the cost significantly, sometimes by more than 50%. Flea treatment, for example,
can always be found cheaper on the internet. You just have to look in the right places. This treatment
isn’t particularly difficult to apply, so, unless it’s covered by your insurance policy, you should give it a go

6. Give Grooming A Go
Keeping your dog well-groomed is an important pet parent responsibility. Unfortunately, having your furry
friend washed, combed, clipped, trimmed, and brushed can cost a fair bit if you ask a professional to do
it. Many of these tasks, however, can easily be accomplished at home. As long as you arm yourself with
the right tools, there’s no reason why you can’t give it a go yourself. There is plenty of information and
advice online to guide you through the process.

7. Form A Sitting Circle
Try as you might, you can’t take your dog with you everywhere. Sometimes you’re going to have to go
away, and you might not be able to bring your furry friend. Unfortunately, the cost of getting someone to
look after your pet can be substantial. Because of this, you should form a pet-sitting circle. This means
that you would look after other people’s pets in exchange for them looking after yours. Alternatively, you
could ask a friend or relative that you trust to take your dog in.

Owning a dog is far from cheap. However, with the advice above, you should be able to save some

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