Bullet Has A Heart Murmur!

Recently I took Bullet in for his annual checkup and shots. He got the typical bloodwork done in addition to bloodwork for senior dogs (which of course was about a million dollars) OK maybe not that much, be we all know how expensive vet care can be. They, of course are absolutely worth it, which is why I wanted to share this with all of you!

It's so important to take your pets for their annual checkups, preventative care is key! While listening to his heart, the vet heard a "slight left side murmur" and I, of course, go into full freak out mode!

Turns out that heart murmurs are common in older chihuahua's, but being common didn't make me feel all that much better. I felt better once his bloodwork came back normal (except for a few elevated white blood cells) which the vet said she feels is because he is due for his dental cleaning and tartar and "yucky gums" can cause infection, so she wanted to get his teeth done sooner than later. Here's where the heart murmur comes in...

Turns out that since he has a heart murmur, they have to have him cleared by a cardiologist prior to putting him under for his surgery. Which means Mr. Bullet must have an EKG and evaluation. The vet said there is no rush, but would like it done by the end of the year. 

This is why I want to stress to you all how important their annual checkups are! If it had been let go it could have gone undetected and gotten worse. 

After his eval, he had his nails trimmed and was "oohed and ahhhed" over by the ladies in the office so he was feeling great! I will keep you all posted on Bullet's updates as they come along, I know you all love him just as much as I do!


Colleen & Bullet

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