How To Keep Your Family Safe From Mold

As a homeowner there are many obstacles one can go through. Making sure that your home is
the right fit for you and your loved ones, locks stay locked, windows are secured shut but there
may be something that is difficult to keep track of; mold. Many Americans are aware that mold
is toxic to our health and to the health of our home, but many are unclear on how to locate or
detect it. You’ll hear stories of older home that may be more susceptible to mold infestation,
children continuously coughing or the overwhelming stunt that others think a little bit of mold is
not that bad. 

If you think your family may have mold, there are a few ways to keep them safe by knowing
what to look for and how to actually test for mold include surface testing, air testing and bulk
testing as well as hiring a professional to not only test for all of these but also other inspections
in and out of your home. 

Image: Nash Everett

Finding a quality inspection company is key. They can test your home if you smell, detect or
see any mold issues anywhere within your home or if your children have any allergies to make
sure that your mold is kept to a minimum. It’s best to have them performed by a mold
professional who is experienced at collecting, analyzing these samples and giving you the most
accurate results needed. 

Image: Nash Everett
In the New Jersey area, one company to be aware of is called Nash Everett. Gary Szymanski
and his team will help take care of those pesky (and sometimes dangerous) problems such as
mold, dust, air quality, and most importantly an indoor health assessment and evaluation. Gary
started this company with the sole purpose of consistently improving homes and lives. The
name, Nash Everett, actually stands for the two most important people in Gary’s life, his two
children. When he himself was faced with mold issues within his home he became frustrated
looking for solutions that did not involve toxic contaminants or those that only masked the
condition, instead of truly fixing it. With his prior knowledge of being a lead project manager with
GreenWorks Environmental, he decided to take the leap and open his own business. He was
determined to create a company that worked hand in hand with his own values of trust and
honesty to make people feel better. Gary is extremely passionate about helping others improve
their health within their home, give them an affordable outlet, and most importantly educate
them on small improvements for yearly maintenance. 

So how can this company help you? Well if you feel as if you have mold there is a distinct smell
that will be around the area. What does it smell like? It is a musty, damp smell and trying to
overpower it with scents will not take care of the business either. You’ll also see mold but the
scary thing is that you can’t always see it which can be scary. The friendly staff at Nash Everett
are able to give you a free mold estimate. At Nash Everett, you can be sure that they always do
their best to provide you with superior service at a reasonable cost. 

For an indoor health estimate if you or a loved one is having a difficult time breathing, Nash
Everett is your one place to educate yourself on a health home assessment. Each assessment
includes an in depth, forensic style investigation of both the interior and exterior of the property.
They make their mission to help those in need like you and your loved one. 

If you just moved into your home, the company also is able to have a healthy home evaluation
as well to get the answers you want. Their evaluation includes an interior and exterior room by
room investigation as well as a written report which identifies potential environmental concerns
for their customers. While it may come at a hefty price to some, this helps you eliminate your
concerns about air quality, suspecting mold, experiencing any musty moldy odors within your
home, water intrusion or elevated humidity or owning a home and looking for a more detailed
picture of your new environment.  No matter the cost, you want to remember this evaluation as
a safe thing you are doing to keep you and your family happy, secure and mold free.

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