The Good And Bad Of Quartz Countertops

When it comes to renovating your kitchen, a big topic of discussion is what type of countertops are you

going to choose because of all the choices that are available. Quartz is an extremely popular choice

because of many things. Quartz countertops are manufactured in two different ways. Some countertops

are created through the quarried slabs of stone while many homeowners actually have access to

engineered quartz which is a mix of 95% of natural quartz with polymer resin. 

Image: Premier Surfaces 

What are some of the reasons that Quartz countertops are a popular choice? 

Design Friendly - Virtually any color can be an option when it comes to choosing a quartz countertop

because they are a quarried slab or an engineered solution. This makes it a reasonable investment for

new construction or for those who are remodeling. 

Always On Trend- In the United States this actually

isn’t a super common countertop to choose from however it’s a surface that combines qualities of

laminate and stone to make it extremely affordable as well as versatile for any kitchen you are thinking;

modern, industrial or  traditional. 

Low Maintenance - Not only are quartz countertops almost indestructible ( huge win for many of us )

but the durability is that good that it’s one of the very few that come with a warranty with it. You don’t

have to worry about sealing your countertops which makes a huge investment for many new families or

homeowners that don’t have time to deal with that due to small kids or always on the go. 

Resistant to Stains - Not only is this countertop resistant to stains but also heat and scratches.

Of course there are a few things that may turn you away from purchasing these particular countertops.

Pricey - Of course compared to several other simpler options such as concrete, wood or laminate,

where the cost is less than $10 a square foot, granite is extremely expensive- about $60-$90 per square

foot. That also includes installation! Before you say there isn’t a chance you’re going to do that, there are

other surfaces that are a bit less such as acrylic surfacing which is a competing option and costs

between $40-$80 per square foot to be installed. 

No Extreme Heat - Quartz counters are heat and scorch resistant it’s true but only to a certain point.

Most would say they can handle u p to 400 degrees but a sudden change can cause the surface to

crack. In order to be safe, always use a hot pad. 

No Outdoor Use- It’s one thing to have an indoor countertop but to install it outside is risky. Direct

sunlight can cause the color to fade or the countertop to split or warp over time. 

Image: Premier Surfaces 

If you’re looking for a company to help you pick out the perfect Quartz countertops and with help from

designers like Lindsey Frost from Frost Designs Inc., you’re in great hands. Lindsey loves to assist the

homeowner as they are designing their home. She loves when they have ideas and pins of what they

like but aren’t sure how to put everything together. Learning about their style and the way their function

helps her to understand how to create a design for them that is not only pleasing but extremely functional.

Of course she understand how many decisions are made when building a home and walking through all

these decisions can become overwhelming to anyone involved. Linsey has a great joy for a client to that

moves into their new home and know that their dreams and ideas were executed in their dream home

and she was able to help in the design process. 

Her personal favorite type of quartz is LG’s Viatera Soprano for the white and creamy based to combine

it with a gold marble like veining. It’s a great quartz to use when you are trying to accent the warmer

tones in the cabinetry and finished. She also enjoys using Cambria quartz countertops which is a

charcoal gray that more of a concrete feel. It’s beautifully matched with grey and pale blue. 

Premier Surfaces has many locations throughout the United States to help you in any of their

showrooms. They strive to make your experience not only enjoyable and fun but also educational.

They accept appointments for in depth one - on one session with a professional design consultant, like

Linsey but you are always welcome to drop by for a tour as well.

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