Yes, You Probably Can Get a Dog

There are few things that people wish they could have in their life, but believe they can’t. Some of these
things are true. You’re not, for example, going to magically begin living a millionaire lifestyle if you don’t
have the corresponding income. Some of the things aren’t true. Many people believe they can’t travel,
when it’s nearly always possible, no matter what your circumstances are. Others believe that they can’t
have a pet dog, and this isn’t true either. If you really want one, you can. We take a look at a few
obstacles, and how you can overcome them, below. 


The Time Issue

There’s no getting around the fact that dogs do require a lot of love and attention, and they can’t be left
too many hours on their own. If there’s absolutely no way than for you to be out of the home for twelve
hours a day, and you have no nearby friends and family, then it’s probably not going to happen. But this
isn’t true for most people. You may be able to return home on your lunch, have relatives check in during
the day, or even, perhaps, take your dog to work with you. It’ll take a little bit of creative thinking and
effort, but it can be overcome. 

Money Matters

Another reason people think they can’t get a dog is because of the costs involved. It’s true that they can
be costly, but they don’t have to be. Adopting is much cheaper than buying a dog from a breeder, for
example. Dog food and vaccinations don’t have to be quite as expensive as people think, either. In any
case, it’s worth looking at your finances and seeing if anything can be cut from your expenses. Many of
us spend more than we realize on things like coffee, using money which could go towards giving a dog
an awesome life with a loving family.

Where to Live

Many people think that they need to own their property to get a dog, because it’s only when you’re an
owner that you can decide the rules. While it’s easier if you have your own home, it’s not as if renters are
locked out entirely. If your current rented property doesn’t allow pets, look for somewhere that does.
You can take a look at pet-friendly rent reports to get an idea of how much they’ll cost;
here’s a great example from ABODO. If your current place isn’t conducive to your dream of having a pet,
then maybe it’s not the place for you. 

Long-Term Plans

You might have no idea where you’ll be in five or ten years, and thus conclude that bringing in a pet
that’ll be with you well beyond that isn’t responsible. But here’s the thing: no-one knows where there’ll
be in the future. Some people have an idea, but things change all the time. Plus, there are few
circumstances where you’d have to wave goodbye to your pet. Don’t let this be a problem; it’s not.

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