3 Simple Ways To Keep Your Home Intruder Free

When you are at home, you want to feel safe and secure. This becomes even more of a priority if you
have a young brood or pets, as you have other people and animals that you care for who you want to
protect. The easiest way to ensure that you keep your home a safe haven is to keep it free from any
outside threats. This could be an intruder, a would-be thief, or an opportunist burglar. While you might
whip up an alarm, there are other more straightforward and more effective things that you can do to
ensure that your home doesn’t appeal to potential thieves. Take a look at these three simple ways to
keep your home intruder free.

Security Systems

Some of the finest security systems are ridiculously expensive. However, you get what you pay for. If
your security system boasts CCTV cameras around the perimeter of your garden and bricks and mortar,
as well as a direct line to law enforcement, you will be paying for the privilege. However, thieves know
these security systems and will avoid them. The risk to them becomes too great and they will move on
leaving your property safe. If you don’t have the cash to stretch this far, consider purchasing an off the
shelf alarm system from your local DIY store. While they might not have the swanky WiFi enabled
controls, the mere sight of a flashing light outside your home could be enough to ward off would-be


Even if you have the finest security system, some thieves may have a go at breaking into your home and
making a quick getaway with your car keys if you leave them by the front door like most people do. This
is why you must ensure that your locks are difficult to pick and break. You could choose a rekey deadbolt
lock, that only opens with one specific key. If you’ve ever lent someone a key like a pet sitter but you've
never had it back, ensure your home is super secure and get your lock rekeyed. This way, you don’t
need to alter the locks around the home and you can save yourself the hassle of having to badger your
nearest and dearest for the keys back.


If you are blessed with a back garden, this could be the ideal route for a thief. Many people focus on the
front of their homes, but what about the side gate and rear door? Ensure that your rear French or patio
doors also have deadbolt locks on them. Ensure there is adequate motion sensor lighting to the rear of
your home, and lock all side gates in the evening. If you have a dog, put up a sign warning thieves.
Intruders want to enter homes unnoticed and leave without disturbance. A barking or yapping dog puts
them off entering a home. If you have the money, put up a camera. While you might not using it, the
mere sight of it will make an opportunist walk on by.

Our homes should be the places where we feel our most safe. Follow this guide and ensure
that your home is secure.

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