5 Great Side Jobs

Whatever you do for your day job, it can be nice to have a completely different sideline job to
give you a bit of an extra income, while allowing you the chance of a break from your usual job.
You might find that you pick up some new skills which you can apply to change your career

If you've ever thought about having a second income, but are not sure what to do, here are
some suggestions to inspire you. 

When it comes to picking your sideline, make sure it's something that you are going to enjoy.
You're looking for a distraction from your day job; you need to look forward to doing it.

Setting Up An Online Store

There are lots of sites that you can list and sell things through. Having a store on sites like
eBay, Amazon or Etsy can net you a tidy little income, for very little work. 

You'll need a great selection of products. If you need to buy stock to sell, try testing the waters
with a few first before bulk buying stock. Work out your margins first, and don't forget to factor in
fees, taxes, postage and the occasional refund into your pricing. Shop around for your stock,
and don't be afraid to haggle if you're ordering a lot. 

You could craft your own products. You could Sell anything from custom dog shirts to
handmade figurines of famous bands. 


Have you ever read a blog and thought, I could do that. There is money to be made in starting a
blog. Affiliate marketing can provide you with a commission for promoting products. 

You could write content for other people's sites. There are lots of websites that match
freelancers with people willing to pay to have short pieces written.

If you've got a way with words, then this might be for you. 

TV and Film Extra

Have you ever wondered where the squads of soldiers in the background of Game of Thrones
come from? Many of them are earning money on their sideline job. 

Having a day or two here and there on a film set can be great fun. You'll not need to do much,
just look the part. You might get to see some famous actors at work too, although approaching
them is considered poor etiquette, so it's always best to admire from afar. 

Dog Walking

If you love dogs, then this one is probably a definite. It almost doesn't seem like a real job,
does it? You get to go out walking with a bunch of dogs, you get to stroke them and give them
treats. You'll be getting a bit of exercise too. 

Life Model 

If you are someone that doesn't mind being naked and can sit down and do nothing for an extended period, then being a life model might be for you. Art classes are always after people to draw and paint, so if you're not shy, this might be a bit of easy cash.

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