You CAN Do This - Getting Through The Tough Bits

College is one of the life experiences that everyone covets when they're in high school, but as with
anything else, bad days happen. As a new adult who is coming into the world to see what it has to offer,
it can be a bit of a shock to have a rough day at college when up until now, things have been great.
A rough day can feel horrendous, and it can lead you into a slump that makes you feel like there is no
exit from the harder times. The one thing that is important to remember when you are having a slump in
college is that there are plenty of places to ask for help.

It is never weak to ask someone to help you. You may be without your parents here, and dealing with
new classes, new people and new social expectations, but that doesn't mean that you have to suffer for
it. Falling on hard times is much better handled if you lean on someone who can help. Professors,
therapists, and guidance counselors are all there to pull you through the hard times, and you can even
lean on the help of a collegiate recovery program if your rough day has turned into something you never
expected. Once you recognize that you need assistance, you're on your way to getting back to feeling
you're on top of the world again. Many new college attendees struggle with the changes, and the best
thing that you can do is to get the right help and move forward. Here are some of the other things that
you can do when you're having a bad day at college.

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Center Yourself

Take time to be alone, center yourself, and focus. Go to the library to study, or head to a cafe for a coffee
by yourself. If you just need some time alone to breathe and get your bearings, take the time and don't
feel guilty for it.

Find The Reason

Everyone has a reason for getting into a slump - what's yours? Is it the work? Are you struggling with
your friends? There is always a solution for it feeling like it's going wrong, so all you need to do is find
the answer and take steps to feel better about them.


If you are in the hole and you can't quite dig out, bypass that bit and distract yourself. So, you feel
isolated? Head to a party. Do you feel overwhelmed? Go and have a brisk walk and think it all over
before heading to a therapist at the college for some advice. Indulge in a meal you love to take the
edge off the sadness and do something you love. Distraction is an excellent technique if you implement it the
right way.

You do not have to have rough days that pull you into the depths of your mental health.
Take a breath and make a plan - life is going to pass you by otherwise.

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