5 Tips For Building And Maintaining An Incredible Backyard

5 Tips For Building And Maintaining An
Incredible Backyard

The backyard is the perfect place for families to socialize, have fun, and just enjoy the day.
Having an incredible backyard is easier than you think, as adding just a few things will make
your yard amazing to look at and be in. Here are our tips for creating a great outdoor space for
you and your family. 

Add a Water Feature

Installing a water feature is an effective way to benefit your backyard. Whether a small creek or
a birdbath, pond or fountain, water features look amazing and add a great visual appeal to your
backyard. Furthermore, water features often attract wildlife, bringing more nature to your
outdoor space. A bubbling birdbath, fountain, or any other running water feature will often draw
more birds, rabbits, squirrels, and other little critters to your yard. Another great benefit of
having a water feature is that they often help to mask nearby noise pollution. However, make
sure that the water feature does not cause the rest of your yard to get too much water through
spillage- thankfully, a patio drain helps stop any excess water. 

Add a Pool/Guest House Using ICF

Pool and guest houses come with several benefits, key ones being having a new building for
your family to socialize with, a place for visiting relatives to stay, and potential income
opportunities through renting. Thankfully, any problems with wood frame construction are
solved through the use of insulated concrete form (ICF). ICF buildings are energy efficient, very
durable, and resistant to disasters (ICF is frequently used in tornado safe room construction). Most importantly, building with ICF is affordable. ICF plans can accommodate any range of
budget and style, making it simple to use in constructing a building like a guest house.

Install a Deck

A deck adds visual appeal to your house, increases the value of your home, and even grows
your square footage. There are a large variety of deck styles and materials to match any home
design and budget, making it easy for anyone to install a deck. Because of this, we recommend
considering your options for deck installation, as they really do come with a lot of benefits. For
materials, decide between hardwood vs composite decking, then work from there. And
advances in deck design, such as hidden deck fasteners, have ensured that modern decks are
beautiful, well-designed, and have no ugly exposed screws.

Clean Your Outdoor Space

Cleaning your outdoor spaces is an effective way to improve their look for an extremely low cost.
Wash off existing surfaces like concrete, and seek to get rid of any salt efflorescence you may
encounter. Look up tips on how to clean brick, and ensure that your exterior walls look as good
as they can. Get rid of any old stuff that is just lying around unused, and trim overgrown bushes
and shrubs. Once you clean up your backyard, you will be surprised by how much its look will
have improved. 

Take Care of the Yard

Along with cleaning your outdoor space, make sure your grass and boundary is taken care of
as well. Good backyard drainage keeps irritating wet spots from building up in your yard, which
can kill grass, and make the yard muddy. Thankfully, there are many solutions for this issue,
such as extending the downspout, building a small creek bed, or creating a rain garden.
Additionally, make sure your fences are well-maintained as well. If you do not have any fences,
you may want to consider building them, as they come with a lot of benefits. Furthermore, new
developments in concrete fence posts have cut down the time needed to install fences, making
them a more viable option than ever before. 

Matt Lee is the owner of the Innovative Building Materials blog and a content writer for the building materials industry. He is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that save money, improve energy efficiency, and increase property value.

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