Sadie The Beagle's Adventure To The Vet

It's so important to bring your fur babies into the vet for their yearly checkup. I recently brought Bullet, my chihuahua, into the vet for his yearly checkup. You can read more about that and what they found here. This time, it was Sadie's turn.

"They better not be givin' me no needles, me no like them"

They took her weight, which they said was perfect, 18.5 lbs! The next step was going into see the vet, she was less than thrilled! There weren't any other dogs in the waiting room so she was the only princess there!

The vet came in and bribed her with some treats, which quickly won her over. A quick check on her heart and lungs and the vet said she is good. She had her nails cut, the dreaded "gland squeeze" and she had her rabies booster vaccine. 

Sadie got a clean bill of health, but has to go back next week for her blood work. 

"I said no needles BISH, I not look at you"

After a million dollars was given to the vet (ok maybe not quite that much, but we all know it's not cheap lol) we were on our way and sadie was tired! Such an exhausting day for a little beagle :)

Hopefully her blood work comes back normal and she can continue napping, like she is right now next to me. Huge beagle hugs from us to you!

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