Tech-Free Family Time... Almost

Every day there is another post released that tells us we only have 18 summers with our children before
they fly the nest. Or that we need to cherish every single moment, and you know what? It might not be
the worst idea. We can get really weighed down with expectations of others. Stressed from running
between school pick-ups, work, cleaning, cooking, and drinking enough water, sleeping, and making
sure your kids do the same - it is a LOT. 

Photo by Julia Raasch on Unsplash

It is tempting, and sometimes a blessed relief when the kids want to watch Peppa Pig, or play games on
their computers for a little while. It lets you get a handle on things in the home, while they are occupied.
But, sometimes the parenting guilt kicks in swiftly, and you want to connect with them for a while - tech-

So here are some quick and easy suggestions for some tech-free time


If you have the capability to get a little free-range, then do it. Fill up your reusable water bottles, pop
some snacks in a bag, and head out for the day. Try to go somewhere as green and woodland as
possible. Nature, in general, is pretty self-healing, meaning you will get some much needed calm, and
the kids will get to burn off a lot of energy exploring and running around. 

Music and Dance

There is a considerable amount of tension you can release by dancing around to your happy music. Try
to put together a playlist of the stuff you and your kids love singing along to, and when things are getting
a bit ‘bleurgh’ in the house, press play, and dance it out. It is a proper release of energy, and we all need
a little jiggle about sometimes. 

Another great thing to do is have a box of musical instruments that you like the sound of. Small wooden
drums, tinkly bells, and other small and easy to store things are great choices. See if you can create a
song together. 

Board Games

This often pulls out the competitive streaks in people. Which is pretty cool, because the safest places to
let that out is with friends and family. Things like scrabble, monopoly, chess, and risk are great options.
But, at some point, someone will shout ‘CHECK THE RULES’ and no one will be able to find the sheet.
So rather than make them up, you’re going to have to grab your trusty phone and look them up. If you are looking for a quick win, then you can give word unscrambler a cheeky spin… Or, be honest about
it and when someone is really stuck give one person a go each on it!


If you are one for hanging artwork on the walls, you might love to grab a few canvases and some paints,
and set a theme for everyone to paint to. It might be a sunset photo you are drawing inspiration from, or
perhaps some self-portraits.

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