What To Do When You Lose Your Keys

One of the most worrying feelings is losing your keys. You may be out and about, and then you realize that
your car keys or even your house keys have gone missing. It can fill you with sheer panic. It is natural for you
to feel stressed, given these circumstances. You’ll be full of worries about if you can ever get into your home
again, or how you can get home when you can’t get into your car.

The first thing to realize is that it is not the end of the world. Although it is very stressful and hugely
inconvenient, once you get the right help, you will be able to get into your car or your home once more.

If you have ever felt that sinking feeling when you realize that your keys are on the coffee table, and the latch
has just clicked shut, then you will understand the worries that go through your mind. But, by calling your
local locksmith, you can be back in your home in no time. 

Don’t try and pick the lock yourself, or force your way through the door, as you will cause a great deal of
damage which will cost you. Instead, make use of a professional service that will complete the work in a
trustworthy manner. 

If you have completely lost your key, a locksmith may be able to help create a new key from your existing
lock. However, where there is a security risk, they will also be able to assist you by replacing the lock itself.

There are a few situations where you may need a locksmith for your car too. If you leave your engine running
when you are clearing ice, or snow during the winter months, you are putting yourself at risk of getting locked

If this does ever happen, you can either phone your breakdown service, your car insurance company, or a
local locksmith, who will be able to open your car and retrieve your keys. They will do this by prizing your
window apart with a wedge, and sliding a metal strip down into your car doors locking mechanism. 

Losing your car keys somewhere can be particularly worrying, as there is always a high risk of your vehicle
getting stolen. In this instance, your locksmith will have access to master keys that can be used to open your
vehicle. Once inside, they will then be able to reprogram your car so that it no longer works with your old keys.
They will then provide you with new keys. Only licensed locksmiths can do this, and they will very likely need
to check the ownership of the car before commencing. 

If the lock on your car door has seized shut ever, be careful not to force it. You may end up breaking the key off
into the socket. Avoid using oils such as WD40 to grease the lock, because over time they can become sticky
and cause worse problems. It is always advised that you get a professional locksmith out, to avoid causing
any damage to your car.

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