5 Reasons To Visit Massachusettes

Massachusetts may only be a small state, but it’s got a lot going on. Here are just five great reasons to
plan a trip to the Bay State.
Rich history
There’s a lot of history to explore in Massachusetts. It was the location of the landing of the first pilgrims
in 1620 and was also home to the Boston Tea Party in 1773 (the event that kicked off the American
revolution). It’s been the birthplace of four US presidents and was also where the first telephone was
demonstrated by Alexander Graham Bell. You’ll also find the first US public library and the first
lighthouse in this state. Some of the most popular historical sites include the Freedom Trail and Minute
Man National Historic Park. There are also many museums to explore where you can learn about
everything from the American revolution to the life of John F Kennedy.
Fantastic food
The Bay State is also home to some incredible food. A few favourites include clam chowder, Boston
cream pie and lobster rolls. Apple cider is also popular in this state (you’ll also find donuts and cakes
that are apple cider flavored). On top of this, the country’s first Dunkin Donuts can be found in Quincy.
For some of the state’s best restaurants, make sure to head to Boston where you’ll find everything from
classic seafood restaurants to Chinese and Italian bistros.
Buzzing sports culture
The people of Massachusetts love their sports. As well as being the birthplace of basketball and
volleyball, it’s also a football and baseball capital. Gilette Stadium, home of The Patriots, is one of the
most popular sporting attractions. It’s worth booking a hotel near Patriot Place so that you explore the
stadium and take advantage of the local shopping (there are hotels here with free wi-fi and
complimentary breakfast that offer convenient access to these attractions). There’s also a sports
museum in Boston that is worth seeing for learning more about the state’s sporting history.
Stunning beaches
While it may not have the hot weather that other coastal states have, Massachusetts is still worth visiting
for its beaches. Cape Cod Bay is renowned for its scenic views (it was one of President Kennedy’s
favorite spots) and also sports some incredible wildlife and rustic architecture. You should also take a
boat out to Martha’s Vineyard where you’ll find charming fishing villages and pristine beaches with
cliffy backdrops.
Impressive hikes
Boston and the bays aren’t the only parts of Massachusetts worth exploring. Go inland and you’ll find the Berkshires. These impressive peaks are a popular destination for hikers, offering challenging climbs and impressive views. There are group tours of Berkshires available that you can take to see all the best sights. A trip to Mount Greylock is a must – this is the highest peak in the state and has inspired the works of poets and novelists.

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