9 Reasons To Get Outdoor Heat For Your Upcoming Winter Parties

With winter drawing in, I don’t know about you, but my thoughts tend to turn to log fires, warm
jumpers and cozy nights in. And whilst the thought of mulled wine, chunky knitted woollen hats,
and decorating the Christmas tree is definitely something I look forward to, the nights closing in
and losing the ability to spend time outdoors, definitely isn’t. 

In my opinion, the outdoors is something to be enjoyed all year round, but when the
temperatures drop, that becomes more difficult to do. One way, though, that you can carry on
spending time in those outdoor spaces you’ve lavished with love all summer, is by investing in a
patio heater or two. Having an outdoor heating system can mean that even when it is really cold outside, you can enjoy nature at its finest, and not lose access to those gorgeous outdoor
spaces you have enjoyed so much during the warmer months. 
When you invest so much time and energy in creating a space for yourself where you feel
relaxed and comfortable, not being able to use it for the length of an entire season can be a
pretty depressing thought. 

If you’ve never been a fan of outdoor heaters, it might be time to think again as these great little
pieces of kit have come a long way in recent years, and could just change the very way you
perceive winter. Here’s a few reasons to get hot on the heels of an outdoor heater and keep
your parties in full swing, even when the mercury plummets.

They Are Not What They Used to Be

Outdoor heating solutions have earned a bad reputation over the years as they used to be hard
to maintain, clunky, heavy and impractical. However, as technology has advanced, so outdoor
heaters have changed almost beyond recognition. And it’s not just the aesthetics of these
heaters which have undergone a revolution, or the easy availability of Quarles propane delivery,
but even their functionality and efficiency has drastically improved, too.

Limitless Placement Options and Styles

Along with a wide variety of placement options, outdoor patio heaters now come with different
fuel options too, and a choice of different stylish designs. In terms of fuel, patio heaters are
generally one of the following three; propane, electric or natural gas. 

Propane and electric outdoor heaters are usually more portable than the heaters which run on
natural gas. They are available in tabletop, stand-up and portable, ceiling or wall mount and
there are also some hanging models. Heaters which consume natural gas to produce heat are
available in standing, in-ground and hanging models. 


Tabletop outdoor patio heaters are compact, portable and inexpensive. They are suitable for
heating small areas. Many of these heaters are equipped with small fuel tanks at their bases to
improve longevity and fuel efficiency. 


As the name suggests, portable patio heaters are highly portable and can be easily moved from
one place to another as your social occasions change. The reason why they are so mobile is
that they do not have a fixed fuel line. They usually have a dedicated compartment for fuel

Ceiling Mount

A ceiling mount patio heater is the perfect heating solution for you if there is little floor space or
you would like your heater to be installed somewhere out of reach of children. Ceiling mounted
heaters are gaining in popularity as they provide the same warmth as any other type of patio
heater without getting in your way. They operate on either natural gas or infrared, and once they
have been installed, they cannot be relocated. 


Built for stability, power and permanence, in-ground patio heaters are suitable for homes that
want a heater which is capable of keeping a large area warm. Due to their high power,
in-ground patio heaters are mostly used for commercial properties and are generally connected
to a natural gas supply, but they can also be installed for residential properties too. 

Safe To Use 

Unlike earlier models, the latest outdoor patio heaters are extremely safe to use and gone are
the days when you had to worry about your children or pets suffering from burn injuries if they
got too close to them. Nowadays, manufacturers of outdoor patio heaters follow high safety
standards when designing these heaters, to keep their customers safe from harm. 
Patio heaters no longer produce an open flame which eliminates the threat of suffering from a
burn and use a special material for the base which keeps it cool even when the patio heater is
operating. This makes them safe to handle and doesn’t threaten the wellbeing of your pets and

The only sections of these heaters which are hot to touch are the surfaces which are in direct
contact with the heat source; the dome at the top of the heater and the emitter screen. Many
outdoor patio heaters are equipped with a tilt valve which automatically shuts the heater off if an
unexpected movement causes the heater to tip over while it is still running. 

Value for Money

Heating your outdoor space doesn’t need to break the bank, and modern outdoor patio heaters
ensure that you do not have to spend too much to spread a little warmth!

In addition, they’re pretty cost-effective to operate too as they are highly efficient when it comes
to fuel usage. If you have installed a 40,000 BTU natural gas outdoor patio heater, the hourly
cost of using it shouldn’t be much more than $0.48.

Extends the Outdoor Season

At their peak, winters can force you to stay inside almost all the time, which can be
claustrophobic, to say the least! Outdoor patio heaters make it possible for you to unwind and
socialise in the open air. Patios are the perfect place for entertaining guests, relaxing with loved ones and even cooking when the weather allows it. 

When the summer comes to an end, it may get too chilly after sunset (or even before it) for you
to remain outdoors without a patio heater. However, installing an outdoor patio heater gives you
the ability to make the most of the outdoors, without compromising on comfort. Modern outdoor
heaters can keep your patio warm for several hours at a stretch. 

Super Fast Start-Up

With a modern outdoor patio heater, you are no longer required to wait for long amounts of time
before you can start enjoying the warmth dispensed by the heater. Your space can be warm in
a matter of minutes. 

Low Maintenance

Generally, little maintenance is required for outdoor patio heaters. The amount of maintenance
required certainly increases with increased usage, but even then they only require simple
upkeep such as checking gas connections for leakage, checking for obstructions in the gas line,
checking the level of fuel to know when it has run out, and clearing the burner of insects.

Noiseless Operation

Most patio heaters make use of radiant heating which produces as much noise as the sun
does - so almost none! It makes use of invisible energy waves to produce and spread heat, and
this keeps their operational noise to a minimum.


Unless they are left outdoors all year round, their resin tops and high-grade stainless steel
protects the heater from exterior damage and means they are very durable. Some outdoor patio
heaters come with a protective cover which guards them against moisture and UV rays when
they are not operational.

So, choosing a patio heater shouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket and can give you the perfect
excuse to enjoy the great outdoors even throughout the winter this year. 

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