How To Get Started in The Music Business

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There’s no denying that the music business can be hard to break into. But that doesn’t mean that it’s
impossible. If it’s your dream to start a music career, there’s nothing stopping you! The only thing
standing in your way is you – so if you’re motivated and focus on your dreams you can change your life.

Before networking, attending music school and shadowing someone that’s already in the business, it’s
important to think about what type of career within the industry you want. The music industry is
incredibly broad, with roles available in music publishing, licensing, distribution, promotion, marketing
and more. The main career, of course, is becoming a professional singer. 

No matter which career path you want to follow, this list of ways that you can get started in the music
business could help you to decide the best route to take!

Go to Music School 

Whether you want to be a singer or a producer, music school is a great way to get some experience and
learn the theory behind the industry. Now, if you have been looking into music schools, you might
wonder who has the best music business degree program? There is a variety of music schools across the
world – each varying in the types of degrees and what each one entails. They also vary hugely in price,
with some of the more expensive schools costing you up to $40,000 a year. So before applying for music
school, make sure that you can afford it. 

Even though music school is undeniably expensive, it will put you in a better position than if you tried to
get into the business without a degree. 

Network, Network, Network 

As the industry is incredibly vast, it’s important that you get a foothold in the sector that you want to
work in. By socializing and networking, you will be able to discover new jobs and talk to those who are
already in the industry. If you really want to impress, you can set up interviews in which you ask them
how they got into the business, what it takes to progress, etc. By taking the time to get to know them,
they might even be impressed enough to give you work experience or a shot at a job.

Promote Yourself

If you are a singer or you want to be a music producer, it’s a good idea to market and promote yourself.
You need to get the word out about what you do and you can do this through social media and by
creating your own website. Through these methods, you can start to accumulate a following and could
even grab the attention of those who can help with your career. 

Get Work Experience 

Work experience is invaluable. Giving you a much-needed insight into the music industry, it will be more
than worth it in the long term. Now, not all internships and work experience is paid – so you have to
weigh up whether the opportunity is really worth it. But if it is for a large and respected corporation, this
internship could be the stepping stone that you need to progress. Work experience that you have acquired
yourself shows future employers that you have the drive to go out and learn about the industry for

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