Is it Time To Upgrade Your Home Appliances?

Thinking of upgrading your appliances? Buying new appliances can be an expensive decision, but the
added benefits could be worth making the replacement. Here are just a few signs that you ought to
upgrade your appliances.
They’re broken (and too expensive to repair)
When an appliance breaks, it’s usually a good idea to look into appliance repair before considering a
replacement. If you bought the appliance brand new and it’s only a couple years old, it’s possible it may
still be in its warranty – in which case you could get repairs done for free. In other cases, repairs may be
surprisingly cheap. Of course, other repairs could be very expensive – if you have to spend more than
50% of the appliances’ value on repairs, you’re probably better off scrapping the appliance and getting a
new one.
They’re outdated
Over time, appliances may start to look and feel outdated. If you’re a homeowner planning to sell up,
such appliances could bring down the value of your home. Some appliances can have a retro appeal but
generally they need to be in good condition. Generally speaking, most appliances become outdated after
about a decade.
They’re not energy-efficient
This goes hand-in-hand with being outdated – many newer appliances are a lot more energy-efficient
than older appliances. Not only this, but appliances tend to lose their energy-efficiency through wear and
tear. By upgrading your old appliances to newer versions, you could make huge savings in your energy
bills. Always look into the energy rating of an appliance to work out how energy efficient it is.
They’re too noisy
A lot of modern appliances are built to be a lot less noisy. Upgrading to quieter appliances could have
advantages in certain instances such as if you have young kids – while an old washing machine is i
mpossible to use at night without waking up the household, some newer washing machines are quiet
enough to use, allowing to catch up on laundry. Most appliances now display a noise rating
(anything under 50dB is considered a quiet model).
They’re not suitable for your needs
It’s possible that your current appliance may be too basic for your needs. If you’re constantly running
out of room in your refrigerator or freezer, upgrading to larger appliances could be worthwhile (providing
you have the space in your kitchen). Similarly, if you’ve got into baking you may feel it’s worth upgrading
to a more advanced oven that can heat food to more accurate recommended times. There may even be
new appliances that you don’t currently have that you feel could make your life easier such as a
dishwasher if you currently wash up by hand or a tumble dryer if you currently have to air-dry laundry.

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