Kid Friendly Remodeling Ideas

Is your family growing quicker than you think? If you are looking to plan a remodeling in your home to better accommodate, there is no better time than right now to do so! If you need some ideas for a kid-friendly design, there are several options available to you. Not all projects are there to break the bank either but rather to help you and your family feel more comfortable, cozier and over all happier with the space within your home. 

Below are a few ideas on some simple as well as a bit more complicated ideas on what to do to make some kid friendly remodeling areas. 

  1. Mudroom - this project is a must if your family is starting to go from one to two or two to four! As many parents already know, without a doubt when you have children, it can be extremely difficult to get organized. With the right design, your home can actually be clutter free and attempt to stay clean with the proper ideas. A mudroom is a great way to help an organization. With cubbies and coat hooks, your children can actually use these hooks to hang their coats on or backpacks. Cubbies can be used for extra gloves, hats, boots or storage of any type. In the summer you can use it for extra beach bags, sunscreen and sand toys or to store those bulky umbrellas. A word of advice; try to place the hooks that is able for your child to put their own items on themselves. Kids really attempt to be independent and can also use this to show responsibility! It's a win win! 

Image: C Mac Contracting

  1. Adding Carpet: If there is an area in your home that is used as a playroom but you have hardwood floors, think about adding carpet to the area, especially if you have younger children. It’s actually not as difficult as you may think and makes the room safer for your children so they aren’t slipping or falling over toys or each other. I’d suggest hiring someone that knows how to place carpet into your home. A company in the New Jersey area called C Mac Contracting offers custom carpentry. Although it may be a high standard, it’s also a great investment because of all the benefits that come with it. Their custom carpentry can make your home one of a kind, while also matching your design style preferences. It’s extremely durable made of high quality materials and workmanship ensures that your carpet project will be long lasting as well as stylish.  Plus if you felt the need to sell your home down the road, it can also result in financial benefits. 

  1. Bookshelves / Cubbies - Having a place to put everything ( not just in the mud room ) is also a great idea for your children. Incorporating bookshelves for reading and cubbies for labeled toys such as legos, barbies and cars can help kids not only learn that everything has its place but also a fun way to clean up! We tend to usually sing the “clean up song” to get everyone to participate or race against the clock to see who can put everything ( where they belong too ) the fastest. If you make cleaning up fun, your kids won’t think it’s a big chore and least not as much! 
Image: C Mac Contracting

4. Two Tiered Kitchen Island/ A Safer Kitchen - A gorgeous kitchen island can be a showstopper in your home but making it a two tiered kitchen island is not only a wow factor but also practical with children. Having it two tiered allows you to help your children with their homework while also multi tasking and getting dinner ready for the family. Don’t panic! Hiring the friendly staff at C Mac Contracting can help bring this vision to life. They not only can craft this into a reality but also help with revamping your kitchen to make it safer for you and your kids. For instance, new appliances might not function property and also have a lot of clutter which poses as a health and safety issue. The specialists kitchen remodeling services in Ocean Country will assist in the available space you have and advise you on how to make the most of it! 

When you’re looking to find the best kid friendly remodeling ideas, truly don’t look any further than the staff at C Mac Contracting. Their home renovation contractor focuses on these key factors; integrity, reliability professionalism and total commitment to their customers. They are there to help assist, inspire and bring the best of your vision for your growing family to what you’ve always been looking for.

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