Perfectly Decorating That Greenhouse You Just Had Built

A greenhouse is a great home addition for any garden enthusiast. If you like to get out there, gloves and
apron on, and down on your hands and knees, you can be sure a greenhouse will be a worthy
investment! After all, if you can sow and reap the whole year round, you’ll be chowing down on the
produce of your home grown vegetable patch as often as you like. 

If you’ve just had some remodeling work done on your house, and part of that included having a
greenhouse erected in the garden, it’s time to decorate it. And to make sure you do so right and proper,
here are some pointers of inspiration to get you started. 

Hang a Chair (and plenty of plants too!)

If you want to get some extra use out of your greenhouse, be sure to use it as a semi living space as
well. Even if you have little to no extra room in there, you can always hang up a chair or two to make
sure you can sit and sip some tea from time to time, especially when there’s some nice weather shining
through the windows. 

At the same time, hang up plenty of plants too - this will help to bring the living/gardening space
altogether, as a hanging plant is a nice addition to any room in the home too. Having bushy shrubs and
long green leaves to surround your hanging chair and border the space will make a lovely reading
corner to enjoy your time in. Your greenhouse could look like a little slice of paradise once you’re
finished with it! 

Install the Right Light Sources

Your greenhouse is going to need plenty of light to see it through, seeing as you’ll be planting all kinds of
new and strange seeds in there. If you’re looking to have more of a tropical greenhouse, and maybe
even grow a banana plant one day, you’re going to need to pack the house out with light and warmth. 

Thankfully, the two go hand in hand. Seeing as greenhouses are naturally insulated, and the
temperature can be set accordingly, hanging an led grow light bulb or two over the planting boxes will be
all the hard work you need to get done! 

Don’t Forget Outside the Door Either!

And finally, be sure to decorate the entrance way as well, both inside and out. On the inside, of course,
you’re going to want to reserve a bit of space to make sure you don’t trip over anything on your way
inside. But on the outside little porch area, you can leave giant plant pots with giant plants inside, to
border the door. You could also form your own little path of stones and shingle all the way from your
backdoor to the door of the greenhouse! 

Decorating a greenhouse doesn’t have to be hard to do, but it can seem rather tricky to
make practicality and aesthetics go hand in hand.

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