Three Reasons You Should Do a Road Trip on Your Next Holiday

If you have a vacation in mind, it's well worth putting the bus schedule aside and hiring a car instead. While it can be intimidating to drive a car on unfamiliar roads, you'll be glad you did. Not only will you
learn more and experience more than a guided tour or using public transport could ever offer, but you
will have more opportunities to connect with the people you are travelling with.
(Just don’t lose your keys!)

If you're still on the fence, these three great reasons to take a road trip could have you planning your
adventure before you've even finished reading. 

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An Epic Playlist

That is correct: your movie-worth road trip only begins once you hit 'play' on the CD player (actually
nowadays you'll probably be listening to a Spotify playlist and wind those windows to feel the wind in
your hair. Nothing beats driving along a highway with your best friends, listening to the tunes that will
become the soundtrack for your incredible road trip memories when you arrive home. And don't expect
everyone in the car to agree on what music you should play: one of the best things about the road trip is
the inevitable debate over which songs to skip and which albums to play on repeat.

Enjoy the Detour

Even the best-laid plans present opportunities for a good detour, and if you're on a road trip, you're in a
position change your route or delay your progress, and discover an experience you hadn't expected.
Why? Because not everything worth seeing or doing is hyped up on Trip advisor or shows up Google
maps (let's be honest, the best stuff doesn't!). So for example, if you're road tripping in Oregon, you may
pick up a fellow traveller who tells you about an amazing lodge that you'd never heard of. Driving your
own car means you're free to swing off the highway to lodging near Eugene, Oregon, and see if those
spacious 2 queen bed rooms and indoor pool and hot tub live up to their excellent reputation!

Image Source: Pexels CC0 Licence

You're the Driver

Quite literally, a top reason to embark on a road trip when you're touring a foreign destination is that you
can choose where you want to go, what route you wish to take, when you leave and also how fast (or slow) you want to travel to get there. Whether you're driving from London to Norwich, or New York to
Syracuse, forget trains, which often leave at inconvenient times and limit your freedom to do
spontaneous things. If you wake up and the sun is out, you may want to head out on a walk, rather than
race to the bus stop for you're the departure. If you're on a road trip, you can make the call and simply
catch up the travel time later.

Whether you can afford an expensive holiday or you're hemmed in by your budget, a road trip is
definitely the ultimate way to experience a new destination. If you're feeling the need for an adventure,
these great reasons to hire a car for your next trip will have you on your way in no time!

Don't let weather prevent you from your outing either! Go out there and enjoy yourself with the proper
attire. Make sure your bring your rain jacket!

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