Want To Stay Young And Invincible? Take Care Of Your Brain

When the signs of aging appear, you do your best to maintain your body. In most peoples’ minds, it’s the
muscles and bones that have the biggest impact on the way they look. In reality, the brain is the organ
that dictates your appearance. By taking care of your mental health, you’ll suffer from less
wrinkle-inducing stress and exercise more. As a result, your organs will receive more oxygen and
become more efficient.

Working out more is only one way to take care of the mental side of life. Below you’ll find four more
options to help you stay young and invincible.

Solve Brain Teasers

The brain is like a muscle in that it needs regular exercise or else it atrophies. And, when the most
important organ in your body starts to decline, so does everything else. Take cells as examples. A weak
brain won’t generate new cells or safeguard the ones you already have. As a result, your skin and eyes,
among other features, will take a hit. Things such as crossword and sudoku puzzles
encourage brain ‘plasticity’ and mental dexterity. Math equations are also handy if you know any off the
top of your head!

Modify Your Diet

You are what you eat, or so the saying goes. When you think of food as energy, you start to see the
wisdom behind the quote. After all, fatty, junk foods will only harm your major organs, especially the skin.
Eating a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables, and lean meats is less likely to lead to brain atrophy. Plus, it
will make it more efficient at controlling your body and sending signals to the liver and kidneys to remove
toxins that lead to the signs of aging.

Take Supplements

For those of you who aren’t aware of supplements, you should know that they have multiple uses.
Anti aging supplements are designed to top-up your body with the nutrients they need to restore vital
functions. But, there is a mental side-effect, too, as they are proven to help with illnesses such as
depression as serotonin promotes feelings of calm and relaxation. Negating the risk of depression
means you’re more likely to be proactive where your wellbeing is concerned. As a result, things such as
exercise and a healthy diet, two essential elements of maintaining your brain and body, will be more

Avoid Substances

Some substances are used frequently by most people, cigarettes and alcohol being the two main
suspects. The problem with both is that they cloud your mind as they are addictive. As soon as you
become dependant on either substance, your mental health will change dramatically. Don’t forget that
smoking and drinking exacerbate the signs of aging, too. To avoid them, you need to cut down on your
intake and limit the damage. Drinkers can do this by only consuming alcohol at weekends, while
smokers can rely on vaping.

Your mental and physical health are linked. Therefore, you must take care of your brain to
maintain your body.

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