4 Career Goal Ideas For 2020

With 2019 soon behind us, it’ll soon be time to plan our goals for 2020. When it comes to career
goals, we’ll all have our own journey to make and we all have our own things that matter to us. Whether it’s more money you are looking for to buy a house or treat yourself to those Gucci glasses you’ve been eyeing up, or it’s a promotion and new title you’re after, everyone is different.

Perhaps you’re still figuring out what your really want to pursue? Maybe you’re a little way up
the ladder and looking to take the next step?

Regardless of your position, these simple tips will give you a starting point for writing those
career goals in 2020.

1 .Redefine your plan

First things first, at the beginning of the year, it’s vital to redefine your plan. If you don’t know
where you’re headed, it’s challenging to put actionable goals in motion. Perhaps you took a job
for the money, and your not sure if it’s working out? Maybe you wanted to use your degree, but
it hasn’t happened that way? No matter what position your in, take the space to redefine your
career plan. Ask yourself what your ideal job would be at this point. Ask yourself what changes
you’d need to make to get there. In a year's time- what you would ideally be doing? Answering
a few career questions like so can help you get back on track if you’ve become a little lost. 

2. Study on the side

Continuous learning is an excellent way to advance in your chosen career path. Pursuing a
further qualification could increase your skills and knowledge plus make you eligible for a more
advanced role within your sector. There are plenty of options to study online so that you can fit
your studies around your current schedule. Bradley University, for instance, offer some great
online DNP course options. When you study online, you don’t have to restrict yourself to a
location, and there are so many great online universities out there. 

3. Start that side hustle

Maybe you’re someone who’s always wanted to start your own business? Technology and
free online tools have empowered many an aspiring entrepreneur to make it happen. You
don’t have to jack in your day job- why not start a side hustle from home and see how you go?
If you’re looking for inspiration, it can be a great move to attend some local meet ups for
aspiring entrepreneurs. From here, you’ll be able to learn new things, talk ideas, and maybe
even be able to find some potential collaborators.

4. Brand yourself

Self-branding can be a great move to advance in your career. Start work-based social media
accounts and begin promoting yourself. Reach out to your role models in the industry via LinkedIn; often, people will be willing to offer some advice if you’re brave enough to ask. You
could also start a blog that’s related to your sector and DIY a bit of SEO to get seen.

When it comes to advancing in your career, the key is often putting in the time. Trade a little
Netflix time to go to a networking event or skip the bar one night to research a piece for your
blog. All of these goals may not be relevant to you personally, but a few could well ensure that
you start 2020 off right!

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