3 Ways To Beef Up Your Home Security During The Holiday Season

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The holiday season is supposed to be full of laughter and joy. Sadly, some people see this period as a
chance to make some money or get their hands on a few new things. Did you know that home
burglary rates spike during the festive season? Criminals know that houses are full of expensive
things during the holidays - and that families spend a lot of time out of the house. 

Things are even worse for people who live out in the country. Burglars love country homes because
they’re remote - and there aren’t any nosy neighbors peering out of their windows. You don’t need me
to tell you that a burglary during the holiday season can completely ruin the whole occasion for you
and your family. So, here are a few ways you can improve your home security during this period: 

Upgrade your alarm system

This is the perfect excuse to get your home alarm system checked over. Bring in some security
specialists to test the alarm and ensure it works correctly. A good alarm can stop a burglar in their
tracks! In a lot of cases, you’ll find that your alarm is pretty rubbish. As such, you can improve your
security by upgrading to one of the local home alarm systems on the market today. Newer alarm
systems are more reliable, work more effectively, and can be monitored via mobile apps. They can
also come with security cameras that add surveillance to your property. The sight of these can ward
loads of criminals off!

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Get festive and light up your home

Rural properties are at risk of being burgled because they’re easy to sneak into. If it’s dark outside,
then a burglar can easily sneak through your property and break into your home with nobody seeing
them. Even if you’re in the home, they can get to your front door or window, and quickly break in and
steal something before you can stop them. So, one way to deter them is with Christmas lights! Yes,
I’m not joking. Brighten up the outside of your house, and it’s suddenly much harder to sneak around.
Burglars will be put off because they’re worried that the lights will expose them. A simple trick, but
highly effective for the holiday season. 

To help you do this, check out this video: 

Use motion sensors

Motion sensors are excellent for home security. They can be used both inside and outside your home.
Personally, I prefer using them outside your property. The best example of this is a
motion-sensitive light. When it detects someone or something coming close to your home, the light
turns on. You can use this instead of Christmas lights, or alongside them. The benefit is that you
basically get a silent warning if someone is close to your property. Also, the sudden burst of light can
startle intruders and scare them away. It basically puts them in the spotlight, and they won’t like that
one bit! 

Follow this advice, and please take your home security seriously this holiday season. Life on a
homestead is usually nice and peaceful, but this works against you when burglaries are concerned.
Don’t let a thief ruin your holiday celebrations, beef up your security as soon as possible.

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