10 Ways To Perk Up Your Morning

Do you struggle in the mornings? You’re not the only one! We hear a lot about ‘morning people’, but is
anyone ever really a morning person? The truth is, even the brightest lark could do with a boost now and
then to energise their morning and get the day off to a great start. 

Looking for something to give you a boost during those early hours? Here are 10 ways to perk up your

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1. Use a song as your alarm

What better way to wake up than to an upbeat, fun song? That can be a great way to get up and get you
ready for the day. There are some cool morning songs on Spotify to help wake you up in the morning
including Viva La Vida by Coldplay and Wake Me Up by Avicii. Give them a try - you’ll be dancing out of
bed in no time! Just remember to change the track every couple of days, you don’t want a Groundhog
Day situation!

2. Try a solar alarm clock

A solar alarm clock is quickly becoming a must-have for those brighter mornings. Designed to wake you
up gradually by mimicking sunrise in your bedroom, many people who swear by them report feeling
brighter, more energised and happier in the morning. If you really struggle in the mornings, especially in
winter, a solar alarm clock could be just what you need.

3. Exercise straight away

When you’re not a morning person, the thought of doing exercise in the morning can seem
preposterous. But getting some fitness out of the way at the start of the day could give you a major
boost. Not only will you not need to do any other exercise during the day, but you’ll already be full of
energy by the time you make it to work. Try some simple morning exercises and start the day feeling

4. Learn to make a really great coffee

Sometimes, there’s nothing more satisfying than a really good coffee. If a coffee is part of your morning
ritual, why not learn to make the best coffee every day? This French press guide could help you make
the perfect morning brew, so you won’t have to go to the coffee shop each day. Invest in a tasty blend
and a nice mug and take pleasure in that first cup of the day.

5. Enjoy a filling, tasty breakfast

A good breakfast is the ideal way to start the day. Grabbing breakfast on the go costs money, but it’s
usually an unhealthy option too. With some extra time in the morning, make the effort to make yourself
some breakfast. Eggs are always a tasty option for something fast and filling! Take a look at some
easy breakfast recipes and start some better eating habits. 

6. Take some time to chill

When you’re running late in the morning, everything is a rush and some things are never done quite
right. Buy the time you’ve reached work, you’re exhausted and already a little bit irritated. So why not
slow it down and take your time in the morning? A bit of chill time could help ease your stress and make
you feel much calmer. Whether you read a book or sit outside to enjoy some fresh air, find things you
can enjoy to help you relax and get yourself in a fantastic mood for the day ahead.

7. Get your household chores out of the way

Do you find it hard to stay on top of your household chores? There never seems to be enough hours in
the day to get everything done! So why not try getting some of your chores out of the way in the
morning? Some simple morning chores could include the laundry and cleaning the floors to help you
cut your cleaning time. With a little bit of effort each morning, you won’t have to spend your weekends

8. Walk the dog

Getting out for a walk in the morning is an effective way of clearing the cobwebs and enjoying some
fresh air. Your dog will love the time you spend together and it can soon become an enjoyable morning
ritual for you both. If you don’t have a dog, why not volunteer to walk someone else’s? Your neighbours
will appreciate it, and you’ll get to hand the dog back afterwards!

9. Leave the house earlier

Saving some time in the morning will help you get ready quicker, setting you up to leave the house
earlier. It’s a simple way of saving stress and allows you to take your time getting to where you need to
go. Getting into work 10 minutes earlier gives you time to make that morning coffee and settle, leaving
you ready to start work on time. This way, if you’re caught in traffic or your train is delayed, you’ve still
got a bit of a safety net to get into the office on time.

10. Go to bed earlier

All of this morning activity will soon take its toll if you don’t get enough sleep. There could be several
things that keep you awake at night, but it’s important to try to banish your thoughts and get the rest you
deserve. Start a bedtime ritual that sees you slowing down an hour before bed, and even possibly doing
some yoga or meditation. By the time you get under the covers, you’ll be ready for a good night’s sleep.
Why not treat yourself to some new bedding to make your bedtime more luxurious?

There are many perks with being a morning person, so if you can find ways of getting up earlier, you
should. Take advantage of those extra hours to improve your wellbeing and do things for yourself. You
could make a big difference to your lifestyle and finally stop being in a rush. Set that alarm clock for an
early start tomorrow morning and enjoy your new morning routine.

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