Are You Really Ready For The Big Step Towards Dog Ownership?

Are you considering welcoming a dog to your home? Thinking about what you need to do to prepare
both yourself and the home to make them as welcome and as safe as possible? Here, we’re going to
look at a majority of the needs owners need to live up to, as well as how to answer the question if
you’re really ready for them or not.

Know what kind of dog is going to suit you
There are all kinds of different breeds that can suit different needs. If you’re a stern person who can
command respect out of just about anything, then a more independent dog like an Akita could be a good
fit, while the ever loving Golden Retriever is great for those who have a big and affectionate family to
offer a dog. Not all dogs behave the same way and, depending on their breeds, they have different
needs, drives, as well as different practical considerations. For instance, you should not consider an
animal that requires a lot of grooming or exercise if you do not have a lot of time in the day to cater to
those needs.

Make sure you choose them from the right places
Every dog owner has a responsibility to make sure they offer a home to dogs in a way that doesn’t
support unethical practices. Unhealthy breeding, poor living conditions, and similar mistreatment has
become a concern when it comes to families choosing new dogs. When it comes to buying new
puppies, view them here to see that the seller has the right licensing, such as being a CKC registered
breeder. If you have any concerns that you’re buying from what is called a “puppy mill” then don’t
hesitate to report them.

Give puppies the time to settle in to their home
This point isn’t as relevant to those who are welcoming an older dog into their home, but when it comes
to housing a puppy, it’s important to be aware of how demanding they can be. Puppies are more likely to
cause a little more mess and even do some damage to the home with their chewing. The best way to
stop that chewing is simply to make sure that they’re never left without supervision for too long, and to
play with them so they are using all their energy in a constructive and fun way. Similarly, you should be
aware than, amongst many breeds, it’s common for puppies to get very hyper and energetic
in the evenings. This begins to mellow out as they grow out of puppyhood, but for a little while, you
should anticipate them racing through the house and yipping at night.

Ensuring a safe and healthy home for them
You’re going to have to get used to keeping the house in good shape when you have a dog.
It requires a little more energy since some dogs can cause more of a mess in the home, especially if
they shed hair or drool. Besides having to get used to cleaning a little more often, puppy-proofing the
home is important as well. If there’s anything you don’t want tugged or chewed on by a pup, keeping it
out away by either raising it to a height they can’t reach or by gating it is essential. This also goes for
the garden. You want to make sure that any poisonous plants are identified and removed, and that
the dog isn’t free to burrow at any boundaries like fences or gates.

Know your local doc
Your vet is naturally going to have a very important role to play in the life of your dog, and you should
identify the local vet you want to go with as soon as you can. When you welcome the puppy home,
arrange their first appointment. Besides a thorough health check, the vet is going to begin their schedule
of vaccinations that is essential for them to be able to walk outside the house and around other dogs
and people. Furthermore, a vet will help you keep track of all pet records that could be important,
especially if you are considering breeding dogs in the future. There’s no friend quite like a good vet.

Have time and attention for the dog
The one problem that is most noteworthy of all amongst new dog owners is that they underestimate just how demanding their four-legged friend can be on their time. No matter how much free time you have, your dog deserves a certain standard of care and attention. You need to have the time to meet their needs when it comes to play, exercise, grooming, and bonding. Not only is fulfilling these needs important for their physical health, but dogs have social and emotional needs just like humans. Leaving them unfulfilled can cause them real harm. Know how much time your dog is going to require and be certain that you’re able to provide it before you give them a home.

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