4 Top Tips To Help You Plan Your First Boat Trip

Boating trips are such a great way to experience a new destination, but they are so underrated. If you
haven’t considered a boating trip before, you should definitely plan one for your next trip. It’s a fun and
relaxing alternative to a classic beach getaway and the water is so peaceful, so it’s ideal if you are
looking to get away from it all and de-stress. However, you do need to make sure that you are prepared
for your trip if you want to get the most out of it. Here are some top tips that you should follow when
planning your first boating trip. 

Research The Boat Rental Company 

The first thing you need is a boat, and it’s important that you do your research when choosing a boat
charter company because they differ greatly. When you are comparing companies, always look for ones
that have everything rolled together. For example, companies like carefree boat club don’t charge any
dock fees or insurance fees on top, but some companies will not include those things and you will have
to pay extra and deal with sorting your own insurance. You should also consider the range of different
boats they have and the support that they offer. Some charter companies are designed for people that
are experienced with boats, so they don’t offer that much assistance. If it’s your first time, you need to
find a charter company that has full dock staff to assist you. 

Pack For The Weather 

A lot of people get caught out on boating holidays because they don’t pack for the weather. Even if it’s
the height of summer, it will be very windy when you are out on the water and it can get cold. When you
are packing for your trip, you need to make sure that you bring enough cold weather clothes so you
aren’t freezing cold when you are out on the water. You may not have that much storage space on your
boat either, so make sure that you pack light. 

Consider Hiring A Skipper 

If you have never been on a boat before, you should consider hiring a skipper to sail it for you. This
gives you a chance to enjoy the water and get used to being on the boat without worrying too much
about learning how to sail. You can hire a skipper for the first few days and have them teach you
the basics of sailing, and then head out on your own for the rest of the trip. 

Choose A Safe Charter Destination 

If you are not experienced with boats, you need to choose your charter destination carefully. Some areas
are designed for more experienced sailors and they do not have easy anchoring spots. You need to
make sure that there are plenty of docks where you can moor up and the distance between mooring
points is not too far. Make sure that you choose destinations with forgiving weather as well. 

As long as you follow these tips, your first boating trip will be a huge success and you’ll be hooked for life.

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