Deepen Your Spiritual Learning

The hunger for learning will be with us for life. There are very few things in life that don’t rely on you
looking to deeper and explore the topics. One thing that can be a constant source of happiness,
guidance, and peace; is religion and spirituality. So if you are looking for ways to deepen your learning,
and explore what it means to you and your family, here are some tips. 

Awakening is not changing who you are, but discarding who you are not - Deepak Chopra.

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One of the biggest things you can do to explore your connections and understand, like with anything in
life, is to share and talk about it. If there are specific practices that you have, or that you want to do, then
talk to your family members about it. The chances are there will be a group of people who meet regularly
who are open to talking more too. This goes for both religion and spiritual paths. 


If it is something that you and your whole family are keen to explore or that you are born into, then it
makes sense for you and your children to attend a school that teaches more around your religion. For
example, you might like to consider a Jewish School or a Christian school. Or, it might be possible to
attend classes and learning opportunities together. 

Be Open

If you were learning the guitar, or how to bake, you would be open to the methods and slowly work on it
until you get better. Well, the same thing applies here. Surround yourself with teachers and people who
practice or are in the exploration mindset. Try to relax and know and accept that you don’t know
everything, and this is the perfect time to ask questions and be a true novice. 


Whether you are looking into how to meditate on a deeper level, or to practice the guidelines and
teachings then be proud to do so. At first, you might not be comfortable doing these things outside the
comfort of your own home. But, as you grow in confidence in what you seek and what you learn, then
hold pride in it. 


Try to build in time to think and reflect after each day. Journaling will give you the opportunity to write
down what you have learned and questions that you have. You can refer back to your journal as you go,
and respond to your own questions, consider how much you have learned and how far you have come. 

Spiritual learning and exploration can be religious, or it might be just working on bringing calm and focus
into your life. Or looking for a bigger purpose. Approach this like you do other areas of your life that you
want to learn more in. How you would learn a new hobby by reading, looking for other experiences, and
seeking out fresh perspectives. 

The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and the acceptance of love - Marianne Williamson.

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