Ensure Your Kids' Fitness With These Invigorating Indoor and Outdoor Activities

These days, we face the problem of more children becoming overweight or obese due to the lack of adequate physical activity. Ideally, children should be engaged in playtime at least 60 minutes daily, but with many toddlers already knowing how to play with a smartphone, their attention is hardly diverted. Persuading them to play without electronic devices can be a struggle.

As parents, we should take the issue of obesity seriously. Being young doesn't make them entirely immune to weight-related conditions, so take note of the following indoor and outdoor activities you can engage your kid in to ensure their fitness:

Indoor Activities
1. Ride-on Toys
Toddlers are still little kids, so even if they're already fascinated with a smartphone, they'll still get thrilled when they see a ride-on toy. Buy them one with compartments for their other toys, so they can play pretend as if they're loading and unloading groceries, which would certainly be adorable.
If your space is considerably big, perhaps you can buy an indoor bike, too. It will help improve their balance, making bike rides easier when they grow older.
2. Jumping and Bouncing Toys
Jumping and bouncing toys such as a mini trampoline and a ride-on bouncy pony will undeniably invigorate your toddler. The trampoline is especially good for burning off energy, making your toddler fall asleep faster when the days end.
3. Climbing and Balance Toys
These toys will spark your kid's sense of adventure and imagination. Giant foam blocks, for example, are lightweight enough for a toddler to move and stack so they can climb on them and practice their balance. Let them spread the blocks all over the floor and play "the floor is lava."
4. Tunnel
Another toy that's sure to ignite your kid's imagination, a tunnel looks like a fortress that kids love very much. You can purchase play-pit balls to be put inside so your kid can be extra entertained. You can even join them inside and re-live your own childhood.
5. Tumbling Mat
Encourage your kid to perform somersaults (with your supervision at all times, of course) by buying a tumbling mat for them. They'll surely gain a sense of accomplishment after successfully pulling off a cartwheel or a handstand.

Outdoor Activities
Even if indoor games can be exciting enough, the atmosphere outdoors is still something more stimulating and invigorating, with plenty of new things for your kid to discover. Try the following outdoor activities to keep your kid active:
1. Playground
If your neighbourhood doesn't have a playground, invest in marvelous multi-play structuresthat you can put up in your yard. This is also worth considering even if there's a common playground in your neighborhood, because, with your own play structure, you can always ensure its cleanliness and safety. Your kid will also tremendously enjoy having all the slides for her/himself!
2. Treehouse
As kids, didn't we also dream about having our own treehouse? Let your kid experience your dream by building them a treehouse from scratch. Their limbs will be exercised as they climb up and down, and they'll get to appreciate trees and nature. With this and a multi-level play structure, your kid may never touch a smartphone again.
3. Kite
Make your child run around and enjoy themselves by letting them fly a kite. You can either help them build one from scratch or just buy a ready-made one. The gush of wind whipping their faces as they run around will undoubtedly exhilarate them, plus flying a kite successfully will make them feel accomplished.
With these fun, active, and exciting games available at your home, your child will always be animated and perky, making them healthier. Furthermore, watching them play games could feel like the old times all over again, which is always fun to look back to.

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