Game Night: It's Your Turn To Host!

When you have your own place, one of the best things to do is to host a game night with all of your
friends. Being able to sit around the table laughing, eating, drinking, and keeping score is part of the fun
of the night, and all the best memories start out with an impromptu game night that escalated into
something far more than you expected it to be. 

You take it in turns to host, and this week it’s your turn, which means that you want to create the best
game night possible. You want to be the one who hosts the game night that everyone talks about for
weeks to come. So, switch off the TV and pay attention: this is what you need for the perfect game
Monopoly Board Game on Brown Wooden Tabletop
Firstly, you need some space. If you have a dining room with a decent sized table, then this will be
perfect. Otherwise, clear a space in the lounge, drop some bean bag chairs around the floor and
clear the coffee table. It should be big enough to seat everyone around without too much jostling. 

Next, you need to get the mini fridge out of the garage and set up in the space in which you intend
to play. You want game night to be about the games and not having to get up and down to the
kitchen. Keep it stocked with the right mix of alcohol, soft drinks and bottles of water, too. People
need to hydrate while they play.For game night, you need games! Break out the classic board
games and descrambler so that you can have fun with Scrabble. If you are stuck for ideas, get
everyone to bring a board game and you can all play each other’s games. There are plenty of
options for new game night games, too, and if you want the perfect games, you need to plan

Music makes the game night go off without a hitch, and the best music is that which everyone can
talk with in the room. Think of softer background music to start with and then later on switch to the
music everyone gets confident enough to sing and dance along to - karaoke is not out of the

No game night is complete without a good range of snacks. Depending on the time of day, you
need to think about possible meals, too. You can go for hot food and cold and stagger the snacks
throughout your game night. Good options are pretzels, chips and grilled cheeses, but if you want
to be really different, make a huge batch of chilli and have it warmed in the slow cooker. This way,
people can help themselves as they get hungry!

Game night should be a huge hit with all of these tips taken into consideration. You should be able to
have fun, dance and eat with all of your guests. Making memories is so important - why not start now
and start making the best memories possible!

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