Helping Your Teenager Prepare for College

Teaching your teenager to be a responsible adult is one of the most important things you can teach them.
Striking out on their own and making those adult decisions starts with college. They have to manage
their own money, juggle academic pressures, engage in social circles, and live on their own for the first
time. Colleges are full of successful people who were never taught how to make good decisions on their
own, so they struggle. Here are some tips to make sure that your child is prepared to take on the world
by themselves. 

Time Management

College students need to juggle a social life, academic success, and financial independence all at once.
This is a lot for a teenager who is just learning to do all of that on their own. It is important that teenagers
learn time management skills. These time management skills are learned at home first. 

Helping your child find some way to track their time is essential. This can be with a physical planner, a
wall calendar, or an app on their phone. Different people respond well to different ways of tracking time.
Find what works best for your child. 

Time management is more than just making a list of things to do. It is prioritizing items to make sure the
most important things get done first. It is correctly estimating how long a task will take to complete. It is
knowing your abilities and during what time of day you are most productive. Teenagers need all these
things to be successful. 

Academic Success

Academic success in college starts in high school. Apart from managing time well, students need to
know how they learn best and where to find help if they need it. Some students think that they should be
able to do the academic work on their own, and don't know that it is okay to ask for help. One way to
help your teen learn it is okay to get help is by signing them up for an ACT exam preparation course. 

Financial Independence 

College is the first time most teenagers have been entirely in charge of their finances. This can be
overwhelming if they are not prepared for it. Teaching your child how to make a budget and stick to it is
essential. It is also important to teach them ways they can save money when they are living on their
own. Helping them make a budget for their first semester before they leave home will help them to
see where their money is going and how to manage it well. 

Keep Good Company

It is important to teach your child how important their friends are when they get to college. The people
they spend time with will significantly influence how they spend their time and money. Teach them to
pick good friends who respect their boundaries. Friends who always want to pull them away from their
studies or get them to spend money they don't have will eventually wear them down into making
choices they wouldn't have made otherwise.

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