Small Garden Design Tips and Tricks

A lot of people think that if they have a small yard, they won’t really be able to do much with it,  but
that is far from being true. There are so many tips and tricks that can turn a boring small garden
into a beautiful outdoor space that you’ll want to spend all your time in. Here are a few of them…

Use Height to Your Advantage

If you don’t have much ground space to work with, how about vertical space. Fences, walls and
trellises, for example, can all be used to grow plants, particularly creepers, like star jasmine, and they
will help you to turn your garden space into a lush landscape just as well as planting flowers in the
ground would.

When it comes to flowers, hanging baskets placed high on your walls, or window boxes, can bring lots
of color to the garden without taking up and ground space at all. If you want to save money, you can
even make your own hanging baskets and window boxes out of wicker and wooden pallets

Divide the Space

When you have a small garden, you need to be smarter with the space and one way you can do that
is by creating different sections for each garden activity. For example, you could have one space for
relaxing, where you will place your garden furniture, another area for barbecuing with all of your
cooking equipment, and if you have kids, perhaps a third space for play. You can make each space
distinct by sectioning them off with bamboo screens, lush green trellis or even fencing depending on
the look you are trying to create, but the more “hidden” each section if the bigger the garden will feel
because you won’t be taking in every inch of the garden in one go.

Diagonal Paving

If you plan to have paving in your small yard, one thing you should think about doing is laying it
diagonally because this makes the space seem bigger to the eye that it really is. Oh, and using lighter
colors for your paving will really open the space up and make it feel much bigger too.

Plant More Trees

You might think that planting lots of big tall trees in your tiny garden is a really bad idea because...
well they’re so big, but actually having a few tall trees in the garden will make it seem much bigger, and
because they will draw the eye up to the freedom of the sky, you’ll feel a lot less claustrophobic. If you
plant them around the perimeter of the garden, they’ll also afford you a lot more privacy too.

Hide the Hardware

If you have any essential elements of hardware that need to be in the garden, try to hide them away
so that they do not take up more space than they need to or detract from the beauty of your yard in
any way.For example, if you have a deck and you require a water tank to catch the rain,
opt for an under deck water tank which will be tucked away instead of an open one, or if you need to
have a shed in the garden, hide it with decorative grass or a screen so that it cannot be seen. It’ll
make a huge amount of difference.

Use All of the Space

One of the mistakes many of us make is not to utilize all of the garden space available to us.
For example, many of us leave side gardens and areas right at the back of the property alone, but
when you have a small yard this is a mistake. It’s far better to include these places in your garden
design, even if you only plant a few hardy perennials. The more you use, the bigger the garden will
feel as a whole.

Make it Bright

Plants that are brighter in color - think yellows, whites, and pinks - can make smaller yard spaces seem
much lighter and larger than they may actually be. They brighten up dark areas of the garden,
reflect the light in interesting ways and give the eyes lots to look at as opposed to darker flowers like
reds and dark yellows, which can make the space feel more closed and intimate.

Add a Focal Point

Placing a focal point such as a water feature or statue in the most central,
most open part of your small garden will immediately draw the eye give the illusion of space because
you will be immediately attracted to it before slowly taking in all of the other elements of the space
around it. Of course, you’ll need to choose a focal point that is not too big as to overwhelm the garden
or too small as to not be effective, so choose your focal point wisely.

Attract Local Wildlife

Hanging bird feeders and planting lots of wildflowers to attract bugs and butterflies is a great way to
bring your garden to life. All of the chirping and buzzing, and the flashes of colors that they bring with
them, will make your garden feel far more expansive than it actually is and you’ll get a lot of joy out of
watching nature happen all around you.

Plant in Containers

When you don’t have a lot of garden space, it can be a mistake to take up too much of the lawn with
plants and flowers because you then have very little room to maneuver. One great solution is to
plant in pots and containers instead. That way you can utilize small spaces and spaces such as paths
and patios that otherwise would not be suitable for planting AND you can move your plants and flowers
around to suit your needs from day to day. Looking after container plants tends to be far less intensive

Small yards may not be as spacious as you would like, but you can make your tiny garden feel much
bigger, and have just as much fun out there, by trying out the tips and tricks above.

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