Eating Healthy & Loving The Taste!

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Eating healthy isn't always easy because some of those foods are bland and boring. But, with Burl Barley Granola you can enjoy heathy food instead of feeling like you have to eat it!

From the website:



For years, we loved making our homemade oat-based granola. Then we discovered rolled barley (which totally transformed our granola!) and never looked back.

Barley is an amazing ancient grain. But it’s often overlooked, like the underdog of grains. Packed with nutrition and wonderfully delicious, we love how rolled barley makes Burl Barley Granola oh-so tasty and good-for-you.

(Re)discovering barley is like reconnecting with a dear friend - it’s a natural fit.

Kids love the great taste of Burl Barley Granola and parents love it’s great nutrition. It’s a convenient way to add barley to your day.

From our table to yours - Enjoy!

I absolutely loved the flavors, and I enjoyed it with a little bit of yogurt as well. So flavorful and I couldn't believe it was actually healthy! 

My favorite is the cranberry but they were both very good! I added it to some vanilla yogurt, what a breakfast! Super healthy and tasty!

Be sure to check out all of their flavors and grab some for yourself! You won't be disappointed!

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