Want To Become A Blogger? The Truth About Blogging!

I love blogging and have been doing so for quite a long time. There are so many ways you can earn additional income with this by using different platforms to get paid blogging opportunities. It's amazing to work with various brands as a blogger because not only do you get to make contacts with new people but some of those people become friends. It's a great online community and I love it!

Working from home I get to spend time with my precious pups and having them snuggled in while I'm typing away is so rewarding. It makes us both happy, so if you have children or fur babies, you know what I mean!

There are a lot of spam type emails that you receive as a blogger, people asking you to post things for free or share their content without wanting to pay for advertising. That is the one major downfall to this. You have to work with reputable people who are looking to mutually benefit from your collaboration with them. Sometimes those "spammy" type emails can be rather annoying as they fill your inbox. You have to click on each email to be sure they are legitimate and that can be time consuming. After all, your not working for free even though you are enjoying what you do here online. You will more than likely get A LOT of spam emails like that once you've been doing it for some time. It's important to also think about replying to some of those emails to be taken off their list, or to explain how your partnership works.

It's important to be a part of a blogger outreach service that can create relationships for you with companies to work with. It helps grow your blog, get you more exposure and readers as well as increase your ranking in the domain authority field.

You can make your own schedule as well. If you have other things going on, no problem! Simply come up with a date your agreed upon work is due, and simply do it when it's best for your schedule. You can do it part time at night after your full time work, weekends etc. (plus you can be in your pajamas and nobody will even notice lol) Messy hair bun, no makeup who cares! Relax, you got this!

You can actually save money as well! How? You won't need to buy clothes for work, no new shoes, won't have to spend money on gas and you'll save time by not being stuck in traffic. Which is nice if you like to sleep in. And if you're happy with what you do, they say you don't actually work right?! You get to have lunch at home and eat the snacks you already have, not worry about packing a lunch and taking it with you or buying out.

Who doesn't want to be happy with what they do? I would recommend blogging to anybody looking to stay home more or supplement their income. It's a great way to enjoy more time with your family and still have time to get things done around the house.

Working from home, you're not paying for office space either. You simply work at your pace, on your time. There's also tax benefits if you have an in home office, so there are so many reasons why I recommend doing "the blogging thing".

Did I mention you are your own boss? No more boring meetings and being told how to do something or feeling like maybe you didn't do it quite right. You'll be doing something you're passionate about and enjoying it at the same time. You'll be working for yourself!

And what about those annoying co-workers? You won't have any! It truly is a way to work and de-stress in your own environment. You can lounge by your pool, patio, deck, front porch etc. Enjoy some fresh air as you work!

Another thing I really like is that I can still go on "vacation" or "getaways" and not worry about taking time off, having it approved, getting paid for it etc. I simply take my laptop with me and I can work from wherever I want! 

My favorite place to be is at home, with my baby. I know it makes him happy too! 

If you have any questions I would be more than happy to help. Blogging is such a rewarding "job" if you can call it that. I've been doing it for years and I'm so glad I started. Leave a comment below if you want any advice, I will surely respond as soon as I can. Happy blogging!

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