What Steps to Take to Clean and Disinfect Buildings and Homes to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

Social distancing could be the most used phrase in the world at this current juncture. The flattening of the
Coronavirus outbreak numbers has been a priority for a number of countries around the world. Keeping yourself
safe is going to take a proactive approach in practices distancing, washing your hands, and avoiding those that
could be potentially ill. The cleaning of buildings and homes has gone to the next level with many professional
cleaning services now offering deep cleans to eliminate Coronavirus on every surface possible. Below are tips to
help clean and disinfect buildings as well as homes to help flatten the curve.

Buildings and Homes NEED to Disinfect High Touch Areas

The building that you work in or your home if working remotely needs to stay as clean as possible. Most people
have extra time in their days if they are working from home due to the elimination of the commute. Certain areas
like handrails in stairways are commonly touched so make sure to go over this with a disinfectant wipe. Counters
in the kitchen and other surfaces need to be cleaned in a specific way. You can put soap and water on the counter
first then wipe it off to apply the disinfectant. Allow the disinfectant to sit for a few minutes to eliminate bacteria
and germs.
Toilets and other common areas also need to be a focus, especially in an office building. A number of gyms have
eliminated bathrooms completely in an effort to stop the spread. The building should undergo a deep cleaning
regularly as should a home. Doing tile floors and using rug cleaners will be a part of this as the virus can live on
various surfaces. Using disinfectant on the floors needs to be done carefully as some cleaning products can ruin
wood or carpeting. The largest takeaway is to stay aware of what you are doing and to get into the routine of
cleaning regularly.

Do Not Let Home Repairs Go Unfixed as it Could be Dangerous

The unfortunate truth is that by practicing social distancing you could be allowing other health issues to arise.
Allowing water damage to go unrepaired can lead to the growth of black mold which can be extremely harmful to
an entire family’s health. Water damage restoration can also help a homeowner avoid further repairs in this time
where money is tight for a large number of Americans. Do not avoid calling professionals to help with different
repairs due to fear of contracting the Coronavirus. Plenty of companies are taking all of the precautions necessary
so they can safely serve you. Masks should be worn in the house along with areas disinfected where the workers
were. Water damage is not going to solve itself whether it is caused by a leak in the roof or plumbing problems.

Monitoring Those Entering and Exiting a Building

There are plenty of places that will take your temperature before they let you enter the building. A raised
temperature can be a sign that you are infected whether you feel sick or not. The last thing anyone wants is to
adhere to all safety precautions only to let in a person that has been infected.

Life will return to relatively normal in the next couple of months according to many experts. The last thing anyone
wants is another lockdown so do your part by making sure your home is clean. Do not compromise on your safety
and make it known if your place of work is not abiding by the best practices outlined by the CDC.

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