My Truths Of Owning A Cat

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Ever wonder how some people adore cats and others dogs? They certainly each have their own personality, but my cat has certainly done things that drive me nuts. Still, I love her!

She's older and I've had her as a kitten. She has entertained me and driven me nuts (in a good and loving way) and I wouldn't trade her for anything. As much love as she offers, it makes up for the craziness she ensues upon the household. 

One thing she does is she chews all kinds of chords. Yes, lamp chords and such! I can't tell you how many I've had to replace, including laptop chargers and cell phone chargers. They aren't cheap! 

Some cats tend to act out at night, she's usually pretty quiet, must be her age. I can't remember a time she went all night, but then again, the chord thing is what gets me. 

She also has a tendency to shred things. Mostly papers that I need, but sometimes money. Yes, that's right, money! Could you imagine the look on the bank clerks face when my dad had to bring in a shredded $50 bill that he left out because Misty made confetti out of it?! The bank replaced the bill for him, I felt bad but we laughed after.

Nothing is sacred when you have a cat and potty time/shower time is a thing of the past. My cat comes in whenever she wants and acts like she owns the place. Mind you her litter box is not in there and she has no reason to be either!

Cat's have quirky personalities but that's what makes them fun.

Did I also mention I managed to catch her getting a swig of water out of the toilet???

Because every cat is "custom" in their own way, I wanted to tell you about Vector Pets and introduce them to you!

They make hand drawn custom pet portraits! Not only can you get your favorite picture custom drawn, you can also get a "caught in the act naughty cat pic" as well. What a better way to make a person smile than to give that as a gift!!!

So, if you haven't gotten a cat yet, what are you waiting for? LOL

There are so many joys to owning a cat, making that cat a part of your loving family and letting him/her love you in so many ways. The joy I receive from her is more than I could ever ask for. Sometimes, I think that she does more for me than I do for her! 

I still can't believe I've had her so long! She's 13, and it seems like yesterday I brought her home. How did the time fly by like that? Having her has been challenging at times sure, but in such a positive way.

Anybody who is thinking of getting a cat, I wouldn't talk you out of it! They offer so much love, antics and chaotic craziness to your life that you didn't know you were missing! Blinds being broken, chords being chewed, meowing while you're trying to sleep and more. 

All jokes aside, cats are truly wonderful! No pet comes with a set of instructions, and if they did, cats wouldn't follow the rules. They make their own! The love you get is so worth while and amazing. It's a reward simply for loving something you couldn't help but love! 

As my cat gets older, I face that every day. But I also think about the amazing memories and times we've had. I wouldn't trade it! She has been my rock, my reason and sometimes my weakness (she knows how to get treats lol) but all in all she's an awesome cat that I love!

Do you have a cat?

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