My Annoying Fault

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We each have those annoying habits or faults that we can't seem to break. Aside from the normal things, I tend to lock my keys in the car or in the house quite regularly. I'd like to say it's because I'm in a rush or not paying attention, but in all honesty, I'm a klutz! (Spilling drinks is another talent)

Knowing a reliable contact as a locksmith is extremely important. What if when I locked my keys in the car the dogs were in there? Or I locked myself out of the house and it was pouring rain with lightening? Not exactly the weather I want to be stuck in.

You should carry a spare key with you at all times as well. That way you are prepared in case you lose your main key. You can get keys made easily and quickly at any local store or hardware store or Home Depot.

I can't tell you how many times I did this to myself, shaming me by telling you all this I know, but we have to see our faults and laugh at ourselves!

What's one of your silly faults?

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