Why Is Everyone (Including You) Crazy about Cats?

 According to common knowledge, dogs are the greatest animal friends that humans can have. But they forget cats. These small feline creatures are just as popular as dogs when it comes to human's preference for animal companions. They are cute, graceful, mysterious, and lovable. Their tiny faces and bodies will make you want to cuddle with them. And their soft meows and purrs will always make you go to them and admire their beauty.

But why are people in love with cats? Why are you willing to be scratched, or why are you ready to find a self-tapping screw supplier to finish that cat house you are working on?

Here are some probable reasons:

Cats aren't needy

Dogs tend to be clingy. They follow you anywhere you go. And even if you are leaving for a while, they will run after you. They don't want to be separated from you. Cats, however, do not have this issue (unless you and your cat are separated for quite some time). Cats are independent, and they are likely to explore places and situations on their own. And some people love this attitude, thus seeing cats as perfect and lovable companions.

They're low-maintenance

In connection with the first reason, you can always expect cats to be low-maintenance. They do not require expensive food to eat (but you still need to be careful, though), and they can sleep pretty much anywhere. Their meticulous, and they always clean themselves. They don't smell, so grooming does not have to be as frequent as dogs'. You can leave them for a day, and they will not feel anxious. And of course, you don't have to potty-train them. This particular characteristic is what draws in humans.

They can be goofy

When you look at cats, you can easily say that they are majestic creatures. The way they walk is full of poise, and they are self-assured in everything that they do. However, that does not mean that they're not goofy. They can be funny and playful, too! They can engage in different antics, and they might even drag you into one of their games. Seeing them chasing a laser pointer or sleeping in the most awkward position will put a smile on your face. Some breeds can be energetic, so you need to have a lot of stamina.

They have human-like personalities

Dogs can be people-pleasers, but cats are usually not. They mind their own business, and they can be aloof and distant at times. This is a human-like personality that pet lovers love about cats. However, you can always find a friendly cat. They can also be neurotic and quite paranoid, something that humans can also relate to.

Get a cat!

If you are considering to have an animal companion that is easy to maintain and take care of, cats are the way to go. However, assess your needs carefully and make the necessary preparations so that taking care of them will be much easier. Seek advice from veterinarians and cat enthusiasts.

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