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Your home should be the place you can escape to when life gets too hectic. You should be able to relax and de-stress in the one place that is your own. Unfortunately, many homes are not the calm oases we deserve them to be. 

Many homes make life more, not less stressful, and if that is the case for your home, you need to change that so you can rest, relax and recharge when life gets too much. With that in mind, below are some simple ways to bring more calm to your home.

Bring the outdoors in

Nature is naturally soothing. If you want to feel calm and relaxed at home, then bringing the outdoors in is a good way to do that. Start by adding a houseplant or two to every room. This will help you to de-stress very effectively. 

Then, think about updating your windows and doors with the help of your local Renewal by Andersen dealer who will be able to maximize your windows and doors to ensure you can see as much of the outdoors as possible. Oh, and be sure to make the garden habitable so you can spend more time actually outside too, Nature is healing.

Conquer your clutter

When your home is cluttered, it can have a negative impact on your mind making it much harder for you to relax. Not only will the clutter itself be an annoyance, but thinking about how overwhelming it is and what you need to do to tidy the place up will kill the calm too. Get rid of those possessions that are not useful or which do not spark joy in you and the calm will come along in no time at all.

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Keep it comfy

It is so much easier to relax and feel calm when you are comfortable. So, be sure to invest in the comfiest couches, chairs, and beds you can find, and be sure to fill them with lots of fluffy pillows and fuzzy blankets that will help to keep you warm and cozy when you are at home, too.

Cozy colors

The colors we surround ourselves with in our homes can have a dramatic impact on our moods. Colors like yellow, for example, are very energizing, whereas natural colors like sky blue and forest green, as well as neutrals like cream and white, are naturally more calming. Place more calming colors on the walls and throughout your decor, and it will be easy for you to let your mind drift off and relax.

Soothing scents

Once you have got the decor down, then it is a good idea to think about making your home smell nice in a calming way too. Scents like lavender can be diffused throughout the home using aromatherapy diffusers, candles, or essential oils, and they will help your mind and body to relax much more effectively than it would be able to in a home that smells bad or has no scent at all.

Now, it’s time to relax in the calm oasis that is your home.

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