How To Take Better Care Of Your Property


If you want to ensure that your property maintains its value, you have to take care of it. Failing to look after your home can cause it to depreciate, even as the value of everyone else’s properties rises. 

This post explores some of the ways that you can keep your property in good condition for longer. Here’s what you need to know. 

Inspect The Roof For Leaks

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A leaking roof can cause colossal damage to your home. After a few weeks, moisture can penetrate the masonry and lead to all sorts of problems, including rot, mold, termite infestation and even problems with the foundations. 

Therefore, it’s a good idea to inspect your roof for leaks regularly, at least once per year. You should also go to your attic every few weeks and sniff around. If you can smell a musty odor, it usually means you have a mold problem. 

Turn Off Gadgets That Aren’t In Use

Turning off gadgets that aren’t in use sounds like advice for cutting your energy bills. But it’s also important for home maintenance. Always-on gadgets can damage the electrical wiring on your property and cause faults. Constant energy running through wires makes them wear out faster, 

The solution to this is simple: just unplug gadgets when you don’t use them. 

Remove Problematic Trees

Trees that overhang your property can fall at any moment, causing catastrophic damage. That’s why it’s essential to remove them as early as you can. Fortunately, tree removal is an accessible service you can get pretty much anywhere in the country. Arborists come to your home rapidly and then remove problem trees before they have a chance to do damage. 

Control Moisture Levels

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There are three types of damp that can affect your home: rising, penetrating and condensation. Rising and penetrating require specialist interventions, such as membrane installation, but condensation doesn’t. You can get rid of it pretty easily. 

Condensation damp is a major risk for mold growth. If condensation remains on the walls for too long, eventually mold spores will get foothold and you’ll begin to encounter problems. 

To reduce this risk, install better extractor fans in your bathroom and kitchen. You can also switch on dehumidifiers in your home to capture excess water on hot or humid days. 

Replace Things That Break

Failing to replace the odd broken thing in your home is easy at first. You just learn to live with doorknobs not working or lights not switching on. But over time, failing to replace things can lead to real problems, and devalue your home when you come to sell.

As a general rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to stay on top of replacements. Doing so minimizes the risk of losing money when you come to sell and it makes your life more convenient at the same time. 

Reduce Clutter

Lastly, reduce clutter on your property. Owning too many possessions makes it difficult to see if your home is damaged. And, in some cases, it may actually cause damage, or at least prevent cleaning.

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