5 Reasons to Invest in a Brand New Car This New Year

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There's nothing like getting a brand-new car for yourself. If you have always had used cars, there are some genuine reasons to treat yourself. Here are just a few perfect examples.

New Cars are More Challenging to Steal

For safety and security alone, new cars are the way to go. Back in the day, only luxury cars had the benefits of technology that made it a challenge to steal. But anti-theft technologies are cheaper these days. And most new cars come with them as standard. For instance, some new cars will only start with a transponder present. However, you can still lose these, just like keys. The good news is that any locksmith worth their proverbial salt can also replicate transponders.

It Could be Cheaper to Run

Electric vehicles are the future of personal transport. If you buy a new EV, you will save money. Although they are more expensive upfront, you can save up to 80% on running costs when you compare electricity charging to fuel consumption. Yet even a hybrid or economical gas car will be cheaper to run than your old, inefficient lemon. And with the cost of heating your home becoming almost too much to handle, you will need all the savings you can get next year.

A Brand New Car Comes with a Manufacturer's Warranty

Cars are well-made machines. However, they aren't perfect. And even vehicles from renowned car-makers can have their issues. For example, around 13 million cars per year are recalled because of safety issues all over the world. Fortunately, brand-new cars come with manufacturer warranties. This means if there is an issue with your fresh new pride and joy, you are covered at no extra cost to you. Unless you lose the keys of course, which is your fault.

You Can Buy Exactly What You Want

For most people, their car is an expression of themselves. Older cars may have the character and charm that modern vehicles have lost. However, when you buy a brand-new car, you can customize it how you like. It isn't uncommon these days for modern manufacturers like Ford, Jaguar, and BMW to offer online tools for creating your perfect model. You can specify things like colors, interior trim, engine specs, and even the advanced entertainment features you want.

Help Build Your Credit Score

If you have the money sitting in your bank account to buy a new car outright, well done. But all joking aside, most of us don't have the required funds for such a purchase. Fortunately, you can get a new car using finance options. Depending on the dealer's chosen credit checker, you can get a new car with a credit rating as low as 530. Which is below the average. And so long as you keep up with payments, a new car will boost your credit score for other purchases.


Getting a brand-new car is a treat that anyone will look forward to. Some reasons to invest include safety and security, manufacturer warranty, and helping to build your credit score.

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