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Welcome to the home of the future, which is very much becoming the home of today. Smart homes are growing in popularity and accessibility as the technology comes down in price and more people are willing to engage with the new systems. Read on for a rundown of some of the smart devices and systems to look out for when investing in your home in the near future.  

Smart Integrations 

Smart integrations have become so advanced and accessible that they are now an expectation rather than a luxury. Smart integrations are things like Google Home Speakers and Phillips Hue Lighting; both of these offer some amazing integration offers for the modern home environment

The Google Home speakers now operate in groups instead of individual speakers allowing you to control the sound in multiple rooms simultaneously. Phillips Hue speakers offer integrated lighting that remembers your lifestyle patterns, and smart homes can also buy you more milk.   

Internet of Things 

The Internet of Things is an integrated system of artificial intelligence that makes your home smarter and more convenient than ever before. Many big brand names like Amazon and Google are now developing in-home technologies that connect to a central intelligence system to learn. 

How would you like the heating and lights to come on in anticipation of your waking in the morning or coming home from work? Or what about an AI system that understands your health requirements and orders items for the fridge to be delivered to your home? This is IoT tech. 

Touchless Tech 

We have entered a new post-pandemic era of culture in which cleanliness is a high priority; that’s why touchless technology is becoming more desirable in the home as well as outside. Touchless technology is already popular in toilets and office spaces, but it has more potential. 

Touchless technology is an excellent way to make your home smarter and improve its hygiene at the same time. Touchless technology is perfect for doorbells and the various screens that are needed for the digital home. Touchless technology in gaining momentum for the smart home.    

Smart Thermostats 

Probably one of the most popular and widely used smart technologies in the home is the smart thermostat; this system controls the temperature of your home, but it’s flexible and smart enough to control individual room temperatures and connect to your smartphone device too.

With energy costs rising significantly due to geo-political events and peak oil, smart thermostats are a must-have device in the home. Coupled with effective insulation, a smart thermostat is very effective and can reduce a home’s energy bills significantly. It’s a priority for a future home.    

Health Tech 

Smart thermostats are closely followed by home health technology as a growth area. Heath tech includes things like air purifiers, humidity sensors, air conditioners, and touchless screens that reduce the spread of germs within the home. The systems can also be integrated into the home. 

As well as devices that make the home cleaner and more efficient, health technology uses a range of sensors in different areas of the home to collect data about someone’s health and wellbeing. Expect to find plenty of updates and recommendations for a screen in the morning.  

Home Exercise 

Home exercising is more popular today in the post-pandemic world. Nowadays, more people are working from home and prefer to exercise there too, instead of going to the local gym. Not only is it convenient, but it saves time, reduces costs, and also reduces the carbon footprint. 

If you have space in your home for a gym, there is no shortage of smart technology for you to choose from. The most popular technology is probably Mirror which gives you access to a range of live, on-demand workouts for a monthly subscription fee. It also tracks all of your metrics.     

Home Office

Along with a home gym, a home office is a legacy of the pandemic. It’s not that home offices did not exist in the past, but they have become more of an essential item in the modern world. A home office is also a smart office with

It’s important for your home to have excellent connectivity and bandwidth to ensure that you stay operational throughout the day. Smart routers can help your home office connect to the internet better and more securely. Smart lighting is also an excellent option in the home office. 

Speedy Connections 

Until now, internet Wi-Fi has been a luxury, something we can’t live without but are willing to do anything to find if we don’t have it. The homes of the past might have experienced dead zones and ropey internet, but that’s not the case with smart connectivity that gives you total internet. 

Instead of relying on a Wi-Fi router to connect you to the internet, you can now connect directly to the well with high-speed connectivity. This new system gives you even and reliable internet in every area of the home, so you don’t even need to think about any connectivity issues at all.  

High Tech Security 

As digital infrastructure in the home increases, so do the security threats. Everyone knows about the cybersecurity threats to computers and businesses, but there is scope for criminals to access the home system, too, and cause havoc. The good news is there are security answers. 

Home security systems of the future will be optimized to counter any threat to the system; not only that, they can be operated from anywhere using a smartphone device. Still, conventional security systems should not be overlooked when setting up your home security systems.    

Final Thoughts 

No matter what age your home is, you can still bring it up-to-date with some smart changes that make it more modern and improve your life quality. Some of the devices and systems in the article are already being implemented in new build homes, but they can be integrated into any home. It’s best to think about an IoT system first and then other systems that can it can suppor

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