How to Make Your Home Feel More Homely

 Sometimes our houses just do not have that homely feel. No matter how long we have been in them, something does not feel right. Some of us may go to the extreme,e of moving again, but that is not always necessary. Even if you have been in your home for a few months, you can still change it and make it feel how you want it to feel. So, let’s take a look at some ways you can do this:


Look Inwardly

Perhaps the reason your house does not feel like a home is that you are not looking at yourself and injecting your own personality into it. A home is, in some way, an extension of ourselves. If you have filled it with bland objects that are not imprinting you. Or have done nothing to change the interior since you moved in, then that is your problem. You cannot expect to just move in and for things to feel 100% right straight away. A home is a work in progress; it is a place that evolves around you and changes as you do. So, look inwardly at what styles and designs speak to you. What are your favorite things? Once you know who you are a little better, then you \can start upgrading your home.

Try a Theme

This is related ti the above, as you will need to know what style connects with you to proceed. By choosing a home theme that makes you feel that sense of home, you will have a focal point for all your interior design. You will know when you see a piece of furnishing that fits with the theme. A theme can be evoked by a few key statement pieces. So investigate and discover what themes are out there and what would suit your personality and your home. 


Hanging art is a great way to make a house feel like a home. Looking at a beautiful piece of art can simply make you feel less stressed and relax you off the bat. It is another way to inject a little personality into an otherwise bland thing - the wall. Perhaps you will find it easy to discover art that matches your theme. Or maybe you are eclectic and will go for art from a range of different styles and niches. It is all down to personal preference. As long as the artwork you have makes you feel at home.


Psniel is a way of really jazzing up a wall. Instead of paint or wallpaper, you can choose paneling which adds depth and texture to a wall. There are a lot of different designs out there from a rustic look and feel, to a more Hollywood glam feel. If paneling seems like a bit too much hard work, why not try peel-and-stick options like wood planks on fireplace. Like paneling, it adds a new dimension to a room and can really transform it by you making it your own. Get creative with these ideas, and you will make a home out of those four walls.

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